shutterstock_454299238Yoga Therapy as Your Deeper Solution

In my previous post I outlined some very basic ways to avoid the pitfalls many experience in the beginning of their search for a Yoga class that is right for them. Here we address more significant concern as it relates to those who are sensing or have been suggested to that Yoga, Meditation or another allied wholistic practices may be part of a plan to most effectively and responsibly take control of significant health concerns.

If your doctor has suggested Yoga or you have been told that Yoga can help with a particular health or medical concern it is often wise to deepen your search to include a more specific Yoga or targeted therapeutic approach. In complement with more traditional medical treatments many have been surprised to find Yoga to be of great help in resolving or helping mitigate, movement or balance problems, metabolic, cardiovascular conditions and other systemic conditions. Depression and other mood disorders, mental, emotional and stress related difficulties have also been reported to be significantly benefitted with a responsible and targeted Yoga, movement or meditative approach.



First and foremost it must be emphasized that Yoga is a non-medical process and does not treat these conditions directly. Instead practices can be developed from the myriad tried and true techniques of Yoga and meditation that can empower one to resolve the core movement dysfunctions, energetic blocks or accumulated stress problems that may be at their cause. Yoga and similar wellness practices have at their foundation a deep trust in the self to heal when such difficulties are removed. From this view our wellness and happiness is a birthright and the path to healing is one where we move beyond our challenges through formerly “normal” and “ok” states of being into a growing discovery of all that we can become in our lives.

There is no magic here. Growing to accept responsibility for your own wellbeing is of the essence. This first of all begins with a deep acceptance of yourself and the present circumstance in order to respond to it with less fear and greater wisdom and skill. This isn’t always easy and developing this compassionate toward yourself may be the first order business between you and those with whom you are seeking help. In many ways this can what ignites the spark of healing in unimaginable ways.

Discovering, beginning and sustaining the healing habits Yoga and meditation practices is a process that require this compassion toward oneself. Seeking a more holistic solution to our problems flies in the face of our innate longing quick answers and the need for immediate satisfaction of this digital age, but in the longer run the results can certainly be worth it. The wisdom behind the fable of the tortoise and hare comes to mind here.


As with accomplishing anything of great value there may be obstacles, both within yourself and in your life that need to overcome. As a consequence, working in collaboration with a teacher or therapist in accordance with your goals is even more important with these deeper difficulties. Being compassionate and patient with yourself and situation as well as being persistent in seeking a solution for your needs can be the key to allow you the best opportunity to gain the results you seek.

Depending on the situation, private yoga sessions may be the right approach to getting started or taking yoga practice to the next level. As described above. I offer both individual and group Yoga classes in the Guilford, Madison, Branford, New Haven and Woodbridge areas. The  powerful energetic, meditative and corrective movement practices  offer non medical solutions to help with developing physical and mental balance and resolving movement difficulties and chronic pain, stress management and mitigating the effects of long term stress on your wellbeing. For a free, no-risk consultation on which services may best meet your needs please call me at (203)488-1700.

Alan Franzi