“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” 
Thich Nhat Hanh from Mindfulness in Everyday Life

With so much stress in our lives at times sometimes we believe significant action is required to create significant change. In the external world that is often true. In working on the deeper “Self” as we do in Yoga quite often a lighter touch is best. In this regard, of the many Yogic practices utilized for stress relief, perhaps the most fundamental and deeply powerful is the “Body Scan”. This is a systematic exploration of the physical body utilizing the faculty of choiceless awareness to bring one into the direct experience of the moment.

You can record this or have someone read it to you once or twice as you build the practice. As you progress and depending on your experience with Yoga meditation and anatomy you can expand and deepen upon the visualization to include more and more subtly felt experience.

****To begin, sit comfortably, in a chair, eyes closed, feet flat in contact with the floor. Make sure you are free from distractions and safe to relax fully.

****Let breathing normalize over time and throughout
shutterstock_270911084the practice make no attempts to manipulate the breath or change what is experienced. Acceptance of your experience is key.

****From this point all that is done is to guide your awareness to the feet on the floor and receive the sensations present.
****Allow the awareness to move slowly up the ankles, through the shins, calves and further up the legs sensing all the feelings that inhabit each part of the body. Move slowly and consciously, bringing the mind to back sensation it wanders. Continue moving your awareness up the legs and proceed through the entire body, part by part in a slow pace, exploring sensation as you go. Allow the exercise to complete itself at the top of the head.

****Then take a minute or so to receive the pattern of feeling of the entire body all at once to re-integrate your experience. To end, open your eyes slowly return to your normal activities.

The experience this mediation can be quite remarkable in bring a sense of deep calm and relaxation.



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