According to the CDC ,a good deal of COVID-19 Corona Virus’ impact is targeted to our respiratory system. In addition to all we need to do to keep ourselves and our environment as clear and free from the infectious agent as we can, our own first line of defense is a health respiratory and immune system.

As promised I have created a video to help you all address stress and breathing through movement in a gentle, yet deceptively powerful way. Employing the principles of Yoga and Somatic education, the first part is a breath and body awareness experience. This stands on its own to help you address the accumulation of stress held in the body through breath and awareness and goes on to the 16 minute point.The video continues onto a gentle Somatic based movement experience to address the impact of stress on mind/body and self in a more complete way. You can Click here to access the video. Thanks to the JCC and their Youtube channel for hosting this and so many other helpful videos.
I understand at times the sound volume may not be very good but I hope you find it helpful.