Change Your Brain, Change your Body & Change Your Life–

A Mini Posture and Somatic Exploration Immersion Retreat

Online via Zoom Meeting

Thursday July 2nd, Friday July 5th,

Sunday July 5th and Monday, July 6th

From 9:00am-10:15am.

Please email me at: or call me at 203.488.1700 to register, arrange payment and get the Zoom link to the series.

The path toward pain free living and reclaiming the active lifestyle you seek can be an exciting journey; one that can change in so many ways what we believe about ourselves and what we can attain in our lives at any age.

Whether  seeking new answers to help steer a course to moving and feeling better or wanting to find a new step forward toward wellness, taking time for a more immersive experience in our work on ourselves can be of immeasurable benefit.

In support of that and appreciation for those of you who have come with me on this journey to move and be your best over the years I am happy to be offering a four session online Posture and Somatic Exploration intensive.

Beginning Thursday July 2nd, this “wrap around the weekend” series will consist of four 75 minute in depth posture alignment based and somatic movement education sessions.

We will build upon the gently powerful Somatic style neuromuscular repatterning work so many of you have done with me in our Pain Free and Pain Free and Plus classes and workshops, “Ageless Ease” Yoga classes and our individual therapy sessions.

Here we will move to bring balance and ease to unbalanced and distressed hip and shoulder joints, as well as to restore spinal and neck alignment, comfort and mobility. All these issues can be exacerbated by long hours sitting or other being restricted to a more sedentary lifestyle in these challenging time.

More importantly, taking this opportunity to immerse yourself in a more focused way to your self care within in a brief time frame can invite exciting, seismic shifts in the understanding of your own body, mind and healing process to speed you forward on your journey.

Once again, sessions will be held online via Zoom Meeting on Thursday July 2nd, Friday July 3rd, Sunday July 5th and Monday, July 6th from 9:00am-10:15am.

Fee is $42.00. it is recommended you be able to attend at least three to support you in gaining the full benefits of this immersion experience.

I realize this is last minute in coming to you–sort of a “Pop-up” Series because of the available time afforded us because so many have had holiday travel plans curtailing by the shutdown.