In every season and every Yoga session we have an opportunity to reassess our needs and interest and direction of our yoga practice. As we begin the New Year the setting of one or more intentions can be what will direct and guide you through to that which you seek.

Often at the beginning of a Yoga class series, I invite student’s to look within to get clear on the direction they wish to move in their own practice or their life. This setting of intention can be a powerful way to direct and guide them through to that which they seek from their practice.

The new year is the optimal  time of year to set or adjust our life’s course for the next twelve months. Setting our intentions for our Yoga practice or other important parts of our life can be a way to formalizing New Years resolution or other personal and professional goals goals and keeping us on track toward achieving them. Below is a simple centering to support deveoping and integrating intention into our life.

To begin to create your intention you can sit comfortably and briefly center yourself, perhaps attuning to the in and out of your breath. After a few moments, as the mind clears you can simply bring into your heart the question of what you are seeking in your yoga practice or in any arena of life. For some a clear answer arises—to be fit, more flexibility, feel less stress, change a job, etc. Others may not get a clear sense or what they get is fraught with negativity. Simply be open to what does come and I suggest you formulate it positively. For example, I want to get rid of this fat, can become I want to be more toned, or I want have healthier or better weight balance. Then simply let it go.

I believe  intentions that come from our deepest and wisest place within can do much to foster healthy and strong commitments that can move us in positive ways. Whether the intention relates to Yoga directly or to broader concerns, taking time to connecting to your source in this way may help you bring more clear direction to the journey. focusing efforts and resources to manifest our life goals.