In reflecting on the truly disastrous effects of Superstorm Sandy on so many lives I am uncomfortable here making any  statements that could seem trite, over reaching or Pollyannaish in the face of something that has created such immense damage for so many. The struggles are on such a grand scale on one hand with entire communities having been destroyed, and so varied and personal on the other hand in how it has impacted the lives of individuals and families.

It is my belief that Yoga and Meditation practice should not be an exercise in escapism at any time but instead the foundation of a lifestyle that can create resilience and purpose in good times and bad. So in my role as Yoga teacher I express my hope that you find comfort in your self-care practices, whatever they may be.

I am passionate in my belief that time spent with yourself in your Yoga and Meditation practices over time can take root and buoy you in this and all times of distress. Many have found the ancient pracitice of Yoga to be the state of the art technology for creating a true sense of resileince and strength throughout all aspects of the self.

On this path, the highest possibilities of our work on ourselves may can be to give us access to an inner strength and higher perspective to understand our difficulties in a greater context. Some Yogis and mystics call this the“wisdom of the overview” that can steer us beyond what seems apparent in this moment to a more positive and more expansive view of the present and future. With devastation on such a grand scale such as is occurring now the meditative sense of being patient with what is in any moment can keep us grounded and present in the face of what for some is an enormous task to rebuild lives,  communities and heal from loss. And finally, in darker moments in this process perhaps we have, through this work on ourselves, cleared ground within for somemoments of grace to touch and uplift us in unexpected and mysterious ways.