For so many of us in the Connecticut shoreline area the Fall season is described as the time of adjustment to things “getting back to normal”. Fresh off of summer vacations and outdoor activities coming back to the commitments in our lives is indeed an adjustment. Schedules change as social, professional and family responsibilities change. These claims on our time and resources can seem to overwhelm. When we are feeling well and at ease it is these very aspects that can provide us with the joy and fulfillment we seek from these facets of life. However, if our commitments leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed these aspects of our lives can generate resentment, frustration and other ripples of negativity throughout our lives.

In that regard for many recommitting to take some time for Yoga and self-care practices can an opportunity for prevention or a mode of healing the negative effects of unbalanced lives.

Common experiences reported by meditation and Yoga practitioners include deep physical rest and relaxation, changing mental and emotional perspectives and the more subtle, almost ineffably joyous moments of feeling connected to all of life. There are therefore, practical benefits and higher aims to skillfully taking the “pause that refreshes” from our busy lives that self care practices can provide.

Many find that within the “pauses” of life a creative aspect, fueled by a heightened faculty of awareness, operates to allow us to receive the feedback the self offers to bring us into balance. In those moments when simply “being” is enough, we begin to relax and hone the capacity to receive intuitive understandings and heretofore unseen possibilities that exist in even the most stressful and dire life situations. We heal in ways obvious and unseen, mundane and profound.

So I invite to to enjoy Yoga as vehicle by which we may restore the sense of physical health and balance, mental ease and wellness that again allows a sense of fulfillment to overcome any negative feelings stress and dis-ease bring. Recommitting to Yoga through classes and/or your home practice builds into our lives regular and proper attention to our body and  mind. This can go along way toward recovering and expanding upon our deeper sense of wellbeing.

A mindful, balanced and responsible approach to our own self-care, therefore, is not selfish or indulgent as we sometimes may feel, but instead the means by which we serve the self that serves all those in our lives. A little time to return to balance and health can go a long way, allowing us to return to life invigorated and able to contribute our best to family, work and community with greater joy and enthusiasm.