Although the article below relates to Yoga the suggestions made my be generalized to  support you in other praactices.

The new year has come and gone and you still aren’t doing what you want with regards to those healthful habits that took holiday along with the rest of you. Perhaps some sluuggishness has set in for you even as the New Year’s resolutions to get fit or lose weight or de-stress are being made.

Maybe you are coming back to a Yoga class or to the therapeutic work you were doing directly after the short hitaus of the holiday season. Or you’ve been away from Yoga and miss its benefits for awhile.

In these cases and in any ways you have let you habits of Self care fade you may be wondering how you should start again. You don’t want to do it for only a few days and then give up again or, you don’t want to strain yourself by doing too much at one time.

Return to your yoga routine again in a safe and healthy manner with these four simple tips. With consistency and determination, you will reach your fitness level and start feeling great as you shed away those holiday pounds.

Yoga Tip #1: Plan It Out

One of the hardest things when trying to get restarted at any fitness exercise is finding the time to do it in your busy schedule. Hopefully, your life has a bit more free time now that the holidays are over. Get out your new calendar and pencil in the days when you can get some yoga in. To make sure you stick with the schedule, get your yoga mat and clothes ready the day before. This mentally prepares you to push yourself into doing the exercise the next day.

Yoga Tip #2: Start Out Slow

You are eager to get back into those favorite yoga poses. But it may have been awhile since you performed these exercises. Never push yourself too hard when restarting your yoga regimen. You can hurt yourself when not paying attention to your physical limits. Start out slow with a few stretches and breathing exercises. Slowly move into your favorite easy positions, then later work yourself into more advanced poses. If, at any time, you feel like you are straining your body into a position you aren’t comfortable with, stop immediately.

Yoga Tip #3: Get Into A Class

Sometimes, the reason why you can’t get back into the mental mindset of doing yoga is because you are doing it alone. Find encouragement by taking a yoga class. This not only helps to re-energize you into taking yoga as you will receive encouragement from the other yoga students, but the instructor can make sure you don’t overdo it too quickly. Take a class that is below your level, and work back up to where you previously were as your body gets used to the routine.

Yoga Tip #4: Track Your Progress

Sticking with your yoga regimen can be as simple as tracking how many times each month you practice. It’s a great way to keep yourself mentally focused to continue with the fitness exercises. You can create milestones to reach, then reward yourself with a small gift for the job well done. Increase the number of milestones every month or two.

You Will Be Back On The Yoga Mat In No Time

As you restart your yoga regimen, you may become discouraged because you aren’t at the level you want to be or because something in your life may make you occasionally miss a class. Keep positive. Every day you are working out on that mat is a victory on your part.

You can overcome these simple obstacles by staying consistent and being determined in your yoga exercises. Don’t be afraid to change your plans around until the schedule works out for you. Also, you will one day reach your fitness level again as you continue on to your ultimate reward of a healthy body and relaxed mind. Happy New Year!