The New Year is upon us and for so many of us it is the time for re-setting goals and intentions for our self-care. Last year at this time I invited you to “Resolve to Evolve in 2016”. Now the question might be “How Goes the Evolution”? Please don’t be dismayed or discouraged if you don’t even remember what your resolutions were last year. With or without formal resolution our work in yoga and meditation come with it an implicit invitation to grow and evolve to become our best and happiest selves.

Indeed, a lot is made of whether resolutions are worthwhile or effective. Over the years it is clearer to me that setting positive intention is a powerful thing whether the tangible results are achieved in the short term or not. Many believe that each attempt to change offers benefit in the education the process provides. In this way any attempt to move toward a positive goal is an education and best prepares us for success in the long run. That is of course, if we don’t let any setback or negative outcome to dissuade us from the persistence that may lead to ultimate success.

In being successful in the process of change persistence is key. Coming back to the search and adjusting the course as needed can help assure long term success in any endeavor. It is one way to sustain a positive approach within the ups and downs that may come as we look to achieve our most important goals. In Yoga this persistence may be most important as we begin our search for the optimal Yoga or other self care class or practice.

Whether it is to reclaim tone and flexibility, shed a few pounds or address the negative effects on stress on your physical health or mental ease, the all-encompassing approach of Yoga is a time tested solution. You get to choose the degree of you commitment with your needs goals and resources as the main considerations.

As summed up by the Mayo clinic, “Yoga is considered a mind-body type of complementary and alternative medicine practice. Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.” (1)

So the great thing about practicing Yoga, in a consistent and disciplined way is it can be the one place you can go for your physical health and overall wellness goals.

As you begin your search for solutions in 2017 understanding and clarifying your goals is important. For a great majority of students the search will begin and end with finding a group Yoga class that is oriented toward a general set of outcomes—stress relief and relaxation, active challenging fitness, basic tone and flexibility, and higher energetic and spiritual aims. For others a more specific approach may be in order so the search process may be a bit more challenging.

Finding The “Right” Yoga Classyogacta

Yoga is a small word to describe for a very expansive discipline. It can be seen as basic physical exercise, a therapeutic discipline or a more all encompassing program of personal development.

Finding the right Yoga and teacher for you as you begin your search may be the most important predictor of success. All this said, despite the tentativeness and moments of overwhelm that may come in the process this can be a very exciting and rewarding time..

A quick look at a yoga class schedule such as this can be overwhelming for newcomer and more advanced practitioner alike. Figuring out which class will best help you meet you individual goals may not be readily apparent.

Initially it can be extremely beneficial to seek the counsel of the Yoga teacher and feedback of Yoga students to steer you toward the best class for you. It is not fun to accidently end up struggling in a Power Yoga class filled with young athletes if your aim is simply to regain some basic tone and flexibility and relax at the end of a busy day. It is of no service to anyone to deal with the frustration of trying to lie calm and still in a restorative class when you are looking or a great workout to compliment your other athletic activities. For newcomers such disappointments and frustration may lead to them abandoning the search altogether and missing the great opportunity to achieve the amazing array of health and wellness benefits Yoga may have to offer.

Keeping an open mind and an accepting attitude of yourself and the process is paramount This can help you be more comfortable and persistent in the face of any obstacles that may occur. Ultimately as the comfort level grows in the process it becomes clearer how to enjoy the search and realize when one has found the right class and circumstance to meet you goals in Yoga.

As you set your intentions for this New Year we invite you to come and discover what so many have over these last several years; that a balanced practice of Yoga can be the foundation for all that you do to live a healthier, more active, stress free and happy life!

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My best wishes for success in your journey to wellness in 2017!

Alan Franzi