A number of Yoga students who are beginning to create a Yoga practice at home do so with some time constraints,often wedging in some stretches and basic Yoga postures as best they are able within a lifestyle hasn’t yet made space for their new passion. Often with this constraint one casualty in creating a complete home practice is that the time spent in final relaxation pose(Savasana) is reduced or is left out completely.

Sometimes, even if you have made it all the way through your yoga asana(posture) practice, you might not want to lay there in a quiet pose after all of the activity that you just went through. If you need some convincing to spend the time(5-15 minutes) in final Yoga relaxation pose, Savasana,  that is optimal, here are five reasons that you shouldn’t skip it.

1. Letting go of stress. Savasana pose is a very stress-free position, especially if you’ve been practicing an active form of yoga that pushed your body to its limits. When you lay in corpse pose, shutterstock_270911084you’re relaxing and letting go of any stress that may have been created throughout your exercise. This allows you to center yourself post-workout as you enter in your daily routine.

2. Feel full body relaxation. In addition to the stress that you release mentally as you lay here, you’ll also have a relaxation physically. Your heart rate slows down, as well as your blood pressure. You’re releasing tension with every breath, allowing you to relax deeper and deeper. It also helps to reduce fatigue from your practice as you sink deeper into the pose.

3.Concentrating on your breath. Since you aren’t in motion for corpse pose, it’s easier to fully concentrate on your breath in a way that you cannot often do in other poses. While you always want to try to be mindful of your breath as you go through your yoga practice, it’s not always possible depending on how intense the workout is. With this pose, you have the option of doing nothing but contemplating your breath and giving yourself completely over to it.

4. Focus on central nervous system. While you might not realize it, corpse pose gives you a focus on your entire central nervous system. That’s why it’s so mentally and physically relaxing. You don’t have to worry about anything as you drift, and you can mindfully relax your entire body all the way down to the nerves.

5. Peaceful meditation. Of course, one of the best reasons to enjoy corpse pose is to enter a meditative state after your active practice. You want to focus on both your mind and body wellness with your practice, and allowing yourself to let go of your worries and drift in relaxation and meditation helps you to do so.

Now that you know why you should do Savasana pose, here are a few ways to get the most out of it, although it’s not a particularly complicated pose to perform well.

  • Angles are important. Keep your arms and legs spread out at a 45 degree angle.
  • The main things to focus on in this pose are your breath and relaxing your entire body. Mentally scan yourself for tension and release each point of tension or stress bit by bit.
  • Stay in this pose as long as possible. The longer that you stay in Savasana, the more that you get out of it. The effects of deep relaxation and mediation are numerous, and you shouldn’t turn down a chance to get more of it into your day. At the least, stay in this pose for at least 5-15 minutes.
  • Make your area as comfortable as possible for Savasana. If your mat doesn’t give you the comfort level that you need, feel free to get a blanket or something else soft to lay on. Since you want to focus your attention inward, you don’t want outward points of distraction.
  • Keep the room as quiet as possible. In most cases, the room is already rather quiet for yoga practice, but sometimes people may become loud if they are leaving corpse pose early. This may be a difficulty that you cannot circumvent outside of private practice in your home.

Building and sustaining a home Yoga practice is a process so begin with a firm commitment and be both persistent and forgiving as you work it in to your lifestyle.  Savasana and quality time spent in relaxation is one of the rewards of that commitment that pays dividends health and well being in mind, body and spirit!