To help us become more flexible and fit, to relieve stress and relax, and to stay actively engaged with things that challenge us and ask we move toward positive change. So now I  am being drawn into the new world of social media in a way I hope will be of service and support to all those interested in the practices of Yoga, meditation and the wellness and healing arts. To create a virtual village of sorts I have added a this blog, a Facebook page for Creative Edge Yoga, LLC, an RSS feed for new content, a new email look and feel as well as other sorts of stuff to the website and blog. When I figure it all this out myself I’ll be older than I am now for sure. As I do I will try to make this as painless to you and me as I can. My aim is to create as wortwhile a resource to you all as possible. As always, helpful feedback is welcome in achieving this goal.

For now, the basics remain the same on my website with the Yoga class and Yoga/Postural Therapy information clearly accessable on my website front page. Articles to support your initial interests in and answers to questions about Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation will be available there. I have instituted a memeber’s section that is free to join. In it I am plannig to develop content to support your interests in the dimensions of Yoga in the form of articles, links to outside resources. Down the road I will be considering audio and video presentations as well.

I intend for my presence on my website, facebook and this blog as a way to be timely in sharing what I am doing and where. It is a place I can respondto your needs and questions and offer you all opprtunities to support each other  in this wonderful work on ourselves, Thanks for your suppport all these years and I am excited to see what we can continue to do together as we move forward. Alan – See more at: