“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”

For Those new to Yoga and those who have been practicing in some manner throughout their lives it can become clearer that practices change over time.

This is not simply a reflection of greater skill in attaining the physical poses or mediative skills but in how these practice might change to meet our needs at any given time. Every stage of life has it its own set of challenges and opportunities for growth. A flexible and adaptable self is one that can respond well to this process of inevitable change.

In exploring ways to develop and sustain free and easy movement throughout our lives, to discover new and powerful enhancements to performance in Yoga, athletic, artistic and other endeavors we are invited to continue learning and growing in understanding just how these changes can be best accomplished.

The art and science of movement education and fitness training is becoming more sophisticated as these discipline deepen our insight into the biomechanical and neurological principles and practices that can keep up moving optimally throughout our lives.

Modern studies in and applications of brain science as in the new approach of neuroplasticity have given us new understanding about our capacity for change and growth. Much of this confirms the insights of classical Hatha yoga, meditation and awareness practices. In other ways these newer approaches add some aspects that are missing or have been lost over the years, particularly as the Yoga we are practicing has become focused on a more strictly athletic approach to physical culture.

While this has its place I believe it is only a small amount of what Yoga has to offer. This limitation can be a disservice to us if and when our needs and goals change and the practice doesn’t. In my own journey as a teacher, and therapist and practitioner it remains a joy to continue to address these changing needs with an evolving approach in and my teaching and therapeutic work.

Although I integrate what I am learning into all my class classes on an ongoing basis, I have created a more specialized approach for those who are finding a need for something that will help move beyond the status quo or get unstuck in their practice and their lives.

This work is designed ot creates an important shifts in the very way we think about how movement can be a foundation of change. This shift can open new ways to use modern movement practices and neuroplasticity principles in Yoga practice remove the blocks that restrict healing and enhance healing on every level of self.

So to support you in your quest to move toward greater wellness and excellence in physical ease and performance and joy in your life I invite you to try the ongoing Saturday morning Saturday Morning Yoga and Functional Movement Class series that continues at 10: 00am in Guilford.

This class and my Ageless Ease Yoga Basics class on Wednesday at 6pm, also at the Shoreline Center, continue to evolve via the integration of the classical Yoga and meditation practice with principles of neuromuscular re-patterning, core somatic re-education with a truly whole body/self-approach to growth.

These classes complement each other to offer a growing depth and scope of practices .in support of anyone who seeks to more freely, easily and joyfully for a lifetime.