“The Only Constant is Change”
        Common traditional Buddhist Axiom,

One of the most amazing aspects of a vital Yoga and meditation practice is realizing its ability to evolve to serve our needs and goals throughout the lifespan. As our needs change with age or other circumstances, so may what we do to meet them. Over the last few years the discipline of Yoga itself has changed beyond imagination as present-day methods have refined and deepened the work we can do to remain happy, vital and active throughout our lives.

Integrating more corrective, functional approaches, neuro-muscular movement re-patterning and other somatic education work developed by modern movement masters to classic Yoga practice has created the chance for Yoga and the holistic healing arts to bloom in the 21st century. Modern technology and understanding of how we grow throughout our lives has given validation and refinement to the traditional practices.  These influences have helped deepen the beneficial effects of Yoga immensely to serve individuals of all ages, needs and abilities.

Modernizing Yoga is a tricky thing and there is always the chance that something important and true will be lost. Keeping focus on breath and mindful awareness no matter the practice or techniques is one crucial way that helps assure this evolution retains and sustains its power to transform on every level of self.

So whether you are practicing on a classic Hatha Yoga, modern Vinyasa or other present day schools of yoga or utilizing Yoga or movement based therapy, one’s ability to be fully present in the process with compassion and non judgmental awareness is a key to to learn and integrate the work work on ourselves and enjoy the lasting changes these practices are designed to bring to our lives.

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