“The best Yoga[Self Care] practice is the one that you will do.”** Adapted from a common Yoga Aphorism
Self-care is not self-indulgent! It’s an act of self-preservation. — Audre Lorde (1)

At this time of year one obstacle to keeping up with Yoga, meditation and self-care are the demands of the Holiday season seem overwhelming. So the above statement can be a guide to help your persist in difficult times with the very thing that may help you survive and thrive in these times.

Getting things of value to our lives does take a measure of effort and commitment. This doesn’t come fully formed. Thankfully we can start with a willingness to begin and an attitude of fun and exploration. This can go a long way to help you overcome the obstacles to starting self-care journey and help you keep going in busier and more challenging times..

It may seem that carving out time for Yoga and self-care seems impossible. This concern is not new. We can look to the fact ancients Yogis realized us folks who live in the community and are busy with the business of family and community life, will have a different intention and opportunity to do this work on ourselves than those who do not.

As important is it may be to get started and keep going to achieve the benefits we seek, it is just as important not to overpromise oneself to extraordinary and time consuming Yoga and meditation practices.  Just getting started and beginning the most basic and consistent Yoga practice can meet your initial needs and goals without adding to the sense of overwhelm.

Because of its impact on minds and body our suggestion  here of course is that including a weekly or twice weekly yoga  class five to ten minutes spent in meditation, doing the therapeutic movement practice in accordance with your needs and goals regularly all can be a part of the self-care that will be the foundation to enjoying your  journey toward meeting the bigger goals in life.
You can click here (2) for some more thoughts on this fromSoundMind Therapy Works. (3). For more thoughts on this you can click here (4) as well. Special note: Under the umbrella of Yoga and meditation care for Mind/body/spirit is included:).

As the positive habits build many are surprised and delighted as this simple time spent with ourselves opens windows into even greater joy and wellbeing than we could have imagined.  A mindful, balanced and responsible approach to our own self-care, therefore, is not selfish or indulgent as we sometimes may feel, but instead the means by which we serve the self that serves.

So again taking that time to return to balance and health can go a long way, allowing us to return to life invigorated and able to expand upon our contributions to family, work and community with greater joy and enthusiasm.

** I would add that if medical/health needs are acute then the challenge is to prioritize self-care so do what will help your meet those needs according to those medical professionals with whom your are working.

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