As the Holiday season approaches for so many of us our already busy lives can become almost unmanageable. For some there are also underlying mental and emotional stress unique to the holidays that need to be managed.

In these times the first challenge to our peace of mind can be finding the time to do what we need to remain balanced and manage these stresses in positive ways. As energy lags the idea of the joys of the holiday season can be fleeting and unsustainable.

These effects of stress can become cumulative (1) as we get thrown off course in our self care practices. Our nervous systems, more specifically our fight flight stress response systems,  can get stuck “on “. Over time, as our work, diet,  recreation and sleep patterns change it is likely that we come back to a baseline balance of and ease less and less often.  The host of physiological and mental reactions that occur are in stressful times are designed to mobilize us to action against specific and immediate threats and are meant to be temporary. As stress becomes more chronic these effects of the stress response  persist in our bodies and mind and we can become more chronically rundown and depleted. This can and often does  create negative effects that can potentially impact your health and well being on all levels.

For some another causality of unchecked stress is on the quality and enjoyment of our relationships with those whom  we care for the most. At this time of year we are often increasing our time with family and friends at the time when we may be less able to cope with the challenges that can present. It is hard then to  enjoy the opportunities to create deeper and more fulfilling relationships as much as we could when we could be at our best.

If stress and its effects on our state of mind can obscure our enjoyment of our lives at this time of year, then Yoga, meditation and other self-care practices can be an important support to sustaining our physical health and well-being. This is turn can help us not feel so worn down by the added demands of the holiday season.

Intrinsic to the conscious and mindful Yoga we practice here is its unique ability to to help us “down-regulate” or switch off these stress responses. even as it re-creates a foundation of physical wellness and mental balance that can mitigate their effects of cumulative stress on body and mind mind. Viewed this way it makes sense to carve our this essential time we all need to come back to balance.

It is by taking time to sustain and build upon a foundation of inner balance and greater ease we can be our best for those with whom we share the joys and possibilities of this time of year! Click here for inspiration to explore how Yoga, and its allied self-care practices can help us be our best this and any time of year.

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Alan Franzi