BGThis Kundalini Yoga practice is adapted from Meditation as Medicine by Dr Dharma Sing Kalsa, Page 218

****This is presented here for educational purposes only. Don’t hold the breath as described in this (or any Yoga or Meditation  practice if you are or may be pregnant, have high blood pressure, any vascular, heart or other condition or issues in which this would be contraindicated)—as per my disclaimer please check with a doctor to clear you to responsibly do this or any other Yoga or Meditation practice.

To Begin
***Sit comfortably cross legged (easy pose) or in any other comfortable position with the spine straight

***Close the eyes and look straight ahead with a soft gaze.

***Breathe in and out slowly, evenly and easily with focus through the nostrils. At the end of the inhale hold the breath as long as possible. Exhale through the nose smoothly, gradually and completely. When the breath is totally out, hold the breath out for as long as possible. Practitioners should experiment with the holding of the breath so they are working in a way that does not create gasping or other signs of distress.

**** Place the left hand on the center of t he chest at your heart level. The palm is flat against the chest and the fingers are horizontal and pointing to the right. The right hand is in Gyan Mudra with the pad of the index finger touching the pad of the thumb with the other fingers extended straight.
 The right arm is bent with the elbow at the side as though taking an oath, hand/mudra facing forward.

(1)***Continue for 3-5 minutes.

To end take 3 long deep breaths.

In this practice: The left hand is for receiving and is placed at the center of the energy(prana) of the heart and lungs to bring greater calm and stillness The hand mudra (gesture) and position calms the outward/active energy of the left side of the self/body.

According to the tradition of Kundalini Yoga this meditation can help  gain some clarity and perspective in your relationships with oneself and others. This mediation is intended to help bring calm and perspective if one is in emotional turmoil with oneself self or through encounters with others in work or life. Take the 3-5 minutes in these time to practice this to create this calm and heart. Then you can decide how to act from a more full and calm heart.

(1)More information on this practice is here at Spirit Voyage: