The holiday season is a busy time and both real world and relationship stress can detract from it’s joyful possibilities.
Keeping our equilibrium this time of year is a challenge for many. This is a simple way to reconnect with your center and bring balance back. This breath technique is adapted from a book:“Breathing Alive, A Guide to Conscious Living” written by Reshad Field, a Sufi practitioner.
Attention in this technique is on both the rhythm and placing of the breath.
—Begin by sitting comfortable cross legged or in any position that allow you to be alert with your spine relaxed and straight.
—Breathe in and out through the nostrils inhaling to a count of 7, holding a count of 1, exhaling a count of 7 and holding out a count of 1.
—As you inhale cultivate the sense if taking all you need for our transformation—imagining energy, vibrations, color and so on coming in from all directions into the point of the solar plexus at the base of the ribs.
—As you hold for the 1 count raise your attention to the heart center. Then radiate energy out in the form of light to the 7 count.
—Pause 1 count and begin again. Practice to comfort. 2 to 4 minutes is a good way to gain some good benefits

Build up to the 7 count and adjust or don’t practice if you have any medical contraindications. Over time the ratio and placing will become more natural. According to tradition this practice will place us more in sync in our lives, in the sense of being in the right place and right time to be of service in our lives.

Practice and enjoy!