At this time of year winter can have taken its toll as cabin fever can be at its peak This leaves us awaiting the coming of Spring and getting back to the outdoors and the activities we love. Getting ourselves ready and able to enjoy our lives with greater comfort and ease can be more important and challenging as each year passes.

Often, it is not the years that have passed but  a lack of proper and healthful motion in our lives that is at thee root of so much of the pain and movement limitation that seems to accrue over time. The antidote to all this can be learning how to restore movement in our lives specifically designed to address and resolve the root cause of these issues. In doing so we can improve and optimize our bodies and ourselves to  re-discover a more pain free lifestyle .

In celebration of the Spring season and to help us get ready for more and healthier activity I am offering two “Pain  Free” events in March.

The first is an introductory workshop highlighting the relationship between postural imbalance and back Pain to be held on Sunday March 10th from 1:15 – 2:45PM at the JCC.

Entitled INTRO TO POSTURE ALIGNMENT THERAPY for BETTER BACKS  it can help you get started (or re-started) on addressing the postural roots of back pain and related problems.   Click here for more information.

In addition I am offering another four session small group Pain Free Plus class series related to regaining spinal mobility and pelvic health and balance. It is entitled CORRECTIVE SOMATIC MOVEMENT PRACTICES  for BETTER BACKS and PELVIC BALANCE and will run on Mondays,, March 9 – March 30 from 11:15-12:45.

The movement techniques  that we will explore are designed to teach the nervous system how to release chronic muscle tension related to common back hip and pelvic pain and movement issues and help you stand and move in natural, efficient ways.  Click here for more information

Each workshop can be attended separately or you can attend both to enhance the benefits. Attendance is limited to eight for each event.

These workshop are supplements to the ongoing Pain Free Posture classes and can help you gain  additional experience and insight helping you to go more deeply into this work. It can be of great help in getting you get back to the activities you love more confidently and comfortably as Spring approaches.

Please contact me to register to help me know enough people can make it  so I will be able to run the session.

Let me know if I can be of help or answer any questions you may have. My email is and my phone is 203.980.8853.