1. Resolve to be Pain Free in 2013!

    Acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain can take the joy out our most cherished activities. For some it is a distressing inconvenience, for others, pain symptoms can change lives in devastating ways.  Pain and movement problems can negatively impact recreational activities, job performance, mood,  and quality of our relationships. Ultimately, left unresolved, pain and movement challenges and the…Read More

  2. 4 Tips To Find Your Yoga Regimen Again After The Holiday Break In Yoga

    The holidays are winding down, but the weather is still frightening here  in the Guilford/ Madison and New Haven area of Connecticut. Perhaps some sluuggishness has set in for you even as the New Year’s resolutions to get fit or lose weight or de-stress are being made. Maybe you are coming back to class direclty after the hiaus or you’ve been away awhile would love to get back into doing y…Read More

  3. Meditation 101 – Meditating in the Real World

    “Meditation, it’s not what you think.” “Don’t just do something, sit there! The two quotes above are “oldies but goodies” phrases  to highlight the practice of meditation and hint at how it may add a well-needed new perspective to our lives. When so many of us are setting up our New Year resolutions,  it may be Yoga and meditation can be part of this process supporting you in ga…Read More

  4. The Spirit of Compassion – The Art of Being Positively Radiant

    “The Purpose of Life is The Expansion of Human Happiness”  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi It has been over thirty years since I first read the above quote from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. At the time it both stunned and intrigued me, firmly planting  the seeds that led me to my personal Yoga practice and indirectly to the work I do now. The words resonated  at a deep part of me as true but flew in the fa…Read More

  5. Celebrating the Spirit of the Season – Yoga to De-Clutter the Mind

    What’s it all about??? What does the holiday season mean to you?  For some, the holiday season means friends, food, and celebration.  For others, it has religious or spiritual significance.  Still more see it as a time of traditions, children, and fun.But no matter what the meaning, many people end up feeling stressed.  Getting caught up in the flurry of shopping, hosting, and commitments ca…Read More

  6. Surviving and Thriving This Holiday Season With Yoga

    Getting  Back Your Inner Mojo , Yoga Style It happens every year that part and parcel of the holiday season is the reflection on the year passed and the setting of resolutions for the new year.  The great thing about Yoga is it can be a one stop shopping place for your physical health and overall wellness goals. Whether it is to reclaim some tone and flexibility, shed a few pounds or address the…Read More

  7. Being Stress Free Here and Now with a Simple Body Scan Meditation

    Busy times of year can send us off into our heads, stressed out by our laundry lists of things to do and places to be. Putting the brakes on a racing mind can be as basic as tuning into our bodies in a simple yet powerful way. Yogis have long realized that being stress free is a function of being fully in the present moment.   The definition of stress many Yogis use and I refer to time and again…Read More

  8. Cultivating Resilience Through Yoga: Practicing the Healing Potential of Wisdom, Patience and Grace on Way of Recovery

    In reflecting on the truly disastrous effects of Superstorm Sandy on so many lives I am uncomfortable here making any  statements that could seem trite, over reaching or Pollyannaish in the face of something that has created such immense damage for so many. The struggles are on such a grand scale on one hand with entire communities having been destroyed, and so varied and personal on the other ha…Read More

  9. The Way of an Open Heart, Invincible Self

    A powerful complement to the active physical and energetic techniques that we employ in Yoga and meditation is the practice of contemplation. Taking time to reflect deeply on the often counter-rational and paradoxical insights we gain when we temporarily suspend our normal ego’s judgments and conditional thinking can support the integration of the fruits of our practice into our lives. The great…Read More

  10. Being Peaceful – Finding Your Own Comfortable Steady Seat in Yoga

    “Sukha sthira asanam” [A Yoga Pose is a]Comfortablle Steady Seat Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Ch. 2.46-2.48 The popular Yoga with which most of us are familiar is the Yoga Asana(literally “seat” in Sanscrit) practice that provide so much benefit on a physical and mental level. Flexibility, strength, physical tone and the sometimes surprising depth of stress relief are often immediate and pal…Read More