1. The Way of an Open Heart, Invincible Self

    A powerful complement to the active physical and energetic techniques that we employ in Yoga and meditation is the practice of contemplation. Taking time to reflect deeply on the often counter-rational and paradoxical insights we gain when we temporarily suspend our normal ego’s judgments and conditional thinking can support the integration of the fruits of our practice into our lives. The great…Read More

  2. Being Peaceful – Finding Your Own Comfortable Steady Seat in Yoga

    “Sukha sthira asanam” [A Yoga Pose is a]Comfortablle Steady Seat Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Ch. 2.46-2.48 The popular Yoga with which most of us are familiar is the Yoga Asana(literally “seat” in Sanscrit) practice that provide so much benefit on a physical and mental level. Flexibility, strength, physical tone and the sometimes surprising depth of stress relief are often immediate and pal…Read More

  3. Just Say Yes! – Healthful Indulgence Through Yoga

    “The One that You will Do” is the best and most important answer to the question asked by so many of my Yoga students. The question is: “What is the best Yoga practice I can do for myself?”. Within Yoga and Meditation there are so many practices, styles and disciplines available to help us meet our goals and support our evolution. No matter what we have in our sel…Read More

  4. Difficult Beginnings: Overcoming Obstacles and Enjoying the Rewards of Yoga

    A tree as great as a man’s embrace springs up from a small shoot; A terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth; A journey of a thousand miles starts under one’s feet. (the more recognized “begins with a single step” is an alternate translation of under one’s feet in the last line) Lao-tze from the Tao te Ching, chapter 64 ** Our journey in Yoga begins …Read More

  5. Fitness, Fun and Freedom Through Yoga

    This article is a response of sorts to the Yoga articles that have been published in the New YorkTimes over the last several weeks about the relative risks and rewards of Yoga practice. I believe the articles, and the often sensationalist headlines or narrow perspective from which they have been written, do little to help those who may be seeking to understand how or if Yoga may be their way to re…Read More

  6. Remembering Your Way to Wellness and Peace

    The following short article is from my Winter Yoga Class annoncement. It is, as are so many of my posts, a simple invitation to remember to rmemeber our practice of self care on the way to wellness and peace. Our practice is what has the power to transform, moment by moment our days and our live. The practices of Yoga and meditation are remarkable in how they can change the experience in our mind…Read More

  7. Heart Centered Yoga and Meditation in 2012

    This post is from my 2012 New Year’s message to my students. Dear Student, I hope you are well and enjoying your holiday season. I am always aware that without you I would not have the opportunity to do what I so enjoy doing. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. This has been a year of change for me and my teaching practice. Because of your interest I have expanded my Posture and Yoga The…Read More

  8. Creative Edge Yoga, LLC in Guilford, CT – Learn to Breathe for Stress Relief

    Welcome to this website and blog. I am Alan Franzi, a Yoga Teacher, Therapist and practicioner for over 25 years. I am excited to use this space to support your inquiry and exploration of yoga, meditation and the healing arts as your progress along the path of yoga, wellness and growth. So with this resolve and my strong intention to serve you, I begin this website and blog. I hope find it informa…Read More

  9. Exploring Comfort and Joy at the “Edge” in Yoga and Meditation

    “Your skill in yoga has little to do with your degree of flexibility or where your edges happen to be. Rather, it is a function of how sensitively you play your edges, no matter where they are….The practice becomes one of being relaxed and willing at your deeper edges; and this isn’t necessarily easy.” Erich Schiffman The holiday season here in the New Haven and Connecticut Shoreline areas…Read More

  10. Letting Go of Limits, How Posture Therapy Works

    It is common for people to come to my classes or consult with me privately about a physical pain or diagnosis they may have received. Usually it is validated by X-rays, MRI’s and other compelling diagnostic evidence. In the absence of a true medical disease,  I have often found over the years that these  problems are often  the effect of musculoskeletal  imbalance and resulting  postural mi…Read More