1. Some Reflections on the “Tao” on a Snowy October!?! Morning in Branford

    This is an excerpt from my New Year’s letter to my Yoga students from 2009. The Tao te Ching, written over 2500 years ago by the sage Lao Tzu, has long been an inspiration and a guide of sorts to me in my practice, teaching and therapy work. “…Yogis believe that  all are benefitted when we as individuals work to deepen our relationship with the “I” that is ”We”; reconnecting to …Read More

  2. Overcoming Limits at the “Edge” in Yoga

    Balance arises when we enter with mercy and awareness areas that have been withdrawn from in fear  and anger. Healing is a rehabilitation of the deserted areas of the mind/body, a living of our whole life.”  Stephen Levine “Your skill in yoga has little to do with your degree of flexibility or where your edges happen to be. Rather, it is a function of how sensitively you play your edges, no …Read More

  3. The Road Goes on Forever…and That’s a Good Thing

    “All my life I never really knew me till today, Now I know I’m just another step along the way.” From “You Can Never Go Home” by Justin Hayward of the Moodie Blues (an ancient Rock band for those not of my generation:) I am always hesitant to use popular music quotes in my writing because of the fear that it will trivialize things a bit. The above title (in part from “Midnight Rider…Read More

  4. The Best Health Care Reform…From Within

    I am writing this post from Omega Institute in the Catskills, fresh off an exciting workshop training and enjoying this brilliant Fall weekend. The workshop was a terrific opportunity to bring more depth and breadth to my present work. There were so many interesting ideas about how to expand upon my present repetoire. I leave with a strong intention to integrate what I learned into creating more h…Read More

  5. The Ways of Yoga, Wellness and Positive Intention

    As discussed in the previous post, part of keeping your Yoga relevant to our lives often involve rediscovering just what exercise, fitness and healthy movement may mean in different times and circumstances of your life. The Yoga practice of an athlete in their 20’s may show up differently than someone who is nearing 50 who may be working through a medical challenge. Those who come to me for Yoga…Read More

  6. Fall into Yoga

    As autumn approaches along the Connecticut Shoreline many find themselves having to again re-configure their lives to a new season of changing responsibility and activity.  Adjusting our Yoga, meditation or other self care practices as responsibilities change provides another opportunity to consider and re-value the benefits our Yoga practice can have in all phases of life. As the years progress …Read More

  7. Clearing the Field, Cultivating Recovery and Resilience with Yoga Classes on the Connecticut Shoreline

    Clear the Field! For many, this is the time of year to return to the relative normalcy of our lives. The summer season that is often punctuated with vacations and extensive outdoor leisure activities is coming to an end. For some, Hurricane Irene had delayed this return to normalcy – or perhaps – “normal” will forever be changed. With so much destruction around, some very dangerous situati…Read More