1. Chandra-Bhedana Pranayama—Cultivating Calm and Awakening the Intuitive Self

    In the previous article/post, Yoga, Equanimity and the infinite Power of Awareness we discussed re-gaining a sense of Equanimity within that can help us develop the faculty of awareness that is at the center of healing. These are not concepts and philosophical notions but can be to be the outcomes of skillful Yoga practice. For so many of us with busy lives, beginning the process from being stres…Read More

  2. Yoga, Equanimity and The Infinite Power of Awareness

    In the pure light of awareness, our little fears and illusions and limitations dissolve, and we realize that life is not confined to the body, that consciousness is infinite. We are infinite. We can taste the timeless peace and bliss that isn’t dependent on the condition of our body or the world.  From the Transcendence website (1) Here we have operated over the years from the premise that th…Read More

  3. Keep It Growing–Yoga for the Rest of Your Life

    "The Only Constant is Change"         Common traditional Buddhist Axiom, One of the most amazing aspects of a vital Yoga and meditation practice is realizing its ability to evolve to serve our needs and goals throughout the lifespan. As our needs change with age or other circumstances, so may what we do to meet them. Over the last few years the discipline of Yoga itself has changed beyond imag…Read More

  4. Resolve to Be Resilient in 2018–5 Hints to Creating the Habits that Heal

     “Loving ourselves calls us to give up the illusion that we can control everything and focuses us on building our inner resource of resilience.” ― Sharon Salzberg, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection(1) The practices of Yoga and meditation are tried and true in their benefits to our health and well-being. We can find research to validate this statement across many the many dimensions…Read More

  5. Resolve to Grow in 2018, with Compassion at Your Center

    Compassion is the finest weapon and best defense. If you would establish harmony, Compassion must surround you like a fortress. ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, verse 68 No matter our specific motivations or particular needs at any one time, growth into wholeness is the essence and highest possibility of Yoga. Each new year affords us and opportunity for reflection on how we are doing on our path. This …Read More

  6. Mindful Motion–Walking Meditation Practice

    In colder weather a leisurely walk may be the last thing on your mind. Still, taking that time for yourself to flex your meditation muscles is a great idea and can be done anywhere. The focus here is on mindful awareness, not exercise or intense concentration. Below is a simple Walking Meditation practice for the New Year that can help you integrate the experiences and insights of your yoga practi…Read More

  7. Gratitude and Grace—Giving Thanks for Everything?!?

    "Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond."  Rumi  13th century Persian poet Yogis, meditation practitioners and travelers along the path toward healing of self have likely explored the concept of and practice of gratitude along they way. At this time of year especially much is written about the importance of having or practicing gratitude. One particular…Read More

  8. Healthful Habits—Dissolving The Accumulated Normal Stresses of Life

     Most readers of this blog are well aware of the toll stress can take on your enjoyment of life as well as your health and well being.Often it is the advent of a significant life event, stress related medical concern  or other acute difficulty that signal some change in how to handle the stresses of life is necessary. It is not surprising that in my experience stress management goals are among t…Read More

  9. Keeping Up With Your Self–Staying On Track With Yoga in Challenging Times

    They’re back! The holidays are approaching and with them comes a common dilemma that presents itself when we take times to restore ourselves in stressful times. This is some variation on the theme that in times such as this upcoming holiday season there seems to be less time and energy to do what we need to do to be at our best just at the time it is needed most. The swirl of holiday activities,…Read More

  10. Long Sat Nam–A Meditation to Deeply Relax and Release Tension

    Taking time for ourselves can take many forms. Certainly a consistent approach, however simple and brief, can begin the process of toward helping us move through the many moods and attitudes that obscure our experience of the peace that is within. hen we are overwhelmed it can be hard to put the breaks on the stress inducing habits and anxious feelings enough to relax at all. “Long Sat Nam” i…Read More