1. Yoga, Witness Consciousness And Wise Perspectives In Difficult Times

    As practitioners of Yoga, meditation and self care practices we have many unique and powerful tools and an approach to facing this Corona virus crisis that can be of great support to us our loved ones and the world. Because of this I am certain we all can be an example to others, by word and actions, in how to face these challenges in a more [**centered and graceful**](https://www.creativeedgeyoga…Read More

  2. Breathe, Move and Relax To Be Your Most Resilient

    According to the CDC ,a good deal of COVID-19 Corona Virus' impact is targeted to our respiratory system. In addition to all we need to do to keep ourselves and our environment as clear and free from the infectious agent as we can, our own first line of defense is a health respiratory and immune system. As promised I have created a video to help you all address stress and breathing through movemen…Read More

  3. On The Path Toward Pain Free Living—Upcoming Pain Free Posture Workshop and Somatic Movement Series

    At this time of year winter can have taken its toll as cabin fever can be at its peak This leaves us awaiting the coming of Spring and getting back to the outdoors and the activities we love. Getting ourselves ready and able to enjoy our lives with greater comfort and ease can be more important and challenging as each year passes. Often, it is not the years that have passed but  a lack of proper …Read More

  4. Wise and Conscious Living —Evolving In Our Yoga And Self Care for Resilience and Well-Being At Every Age

    Scientific theories about how we age nearly all accept, without question, the doctrine of youth’s perfection. They focus on decline and pay little heed to the steady emergence of new gifts and capacities in later years. — Dr. Bill Thomas, author(1) Understanding is power! Over the last several years our work here has shifted to specialize in helping to helping students and client in understand…Read More

  5. Finding Your Why:The Best Reasons to Get what You Want in Yoga and Your Life

    Reflections, new intentions and resolutions are so much a part of this time of year. This is especially the case with anyone looking to feel and live better and who believe or have been told they can use Yoga, meditation or other self care practice as a vehicle for this type of change. It can be a challenge to start and sustain any lifestyle change and building a Yoga or meditation habit is no dif…Read More

  6. More On The Way Of Stillness

    At this time of year and in any challenging time it can be a tonic to our harried selves to take some time to be still and reset ourselves. For over 2500 years the Tao Te Ching and the Wisdom of Lao Tzu has been a great source of wisdom and inspiration for so many to seek something greater through time spent in contemplation. Here I share his words on the deeper rewards of taking time to find the …Read More

  7. November and December Pain Free Posture Events

    Here is information on the special "Pain Free" and Wellness events workshops I am participating in this November and December. The Jewish Community Center Wellness Center in Woodbridge is offering an additional free Pain Free Living WellnessDay event on Sunday, November 17th that will allow you to learn about and sample elements of the many Wellness programs it offers. I will present a free Intro…Read More

  8. Simply Centering with Long deep Breathing

    Whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. What is soft is strong. Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu from WisdomQuotes.com For beginning Yoga and meditation students one of the  most disconcerting aspects of starting to turn inward to meditate is the shock of just how active and incessant the parade of thoughts is in our mind.  The busy and stressed out mind can seem t…Read More

  9. Keeping the Flame Burning Brightly

    As the Holiday season approaches for so many of us our already busy lives can become almost unmanageable. For some there are also underlying mental and emotional stress unique to the holidays that need to be managed. In these times the first challenge to our peace of mind can be finding the time to do what we need to remain balanced and manage these stresses in positive ways. As energy lags the id…Read More

  10. Reverse Yoga 3-part Breath—-Breathe Easy for Better Backs and Digestive Well-being

    When low back trouble, digestion or elimination problems persist it can often be the case that creating healthful and supportive changes requires a deeper, more nuanced approach.This allows us to better target the areas that are at the root of our difficulties. This can be especially the case when symptomatic approaches have failed to give lasting resolution to our problems. This  simple and subt…Read More