1. Pain Free Plus: Somatic Movement Solutions for Chronic Pain

    6 Weeks Virtual Interactive Classes via Zoom Monday | September 14 - October 26* *No class Sept 28 10-11AM Pricing JCC Members: Series: $100 Per Class: $20 Community (Non-Members): Series: $125, Per Class: $25 Experience how Somatic Movement Education can help you understand and resolve the postural and movement imbalances at the root of acute and chronic pain caused by repetitive stress, cumulati…Read More

  2. Yoga, Meditation and Being Positive In Challenging Times–It’s Not (Just) What You Think

    We’ve all heard the prescription towards positive thinking.  We’ve been told many times that it is supposed to be good for our health, our relationships, and our present situation.  But what exactly is positive thinking?  And how do we get there especially in these challenging times? The Trouble with Defining It… To begin with, positive thinking is not a Pollyanna-ish denial of suffering …Read More

  3. Self Acceptance for Grace and Growth— Five Benefits of Conscious Yoga Practice

    Yoga and meditation practices are incredibly effective and powerful tools to bring calm, peace and perspective to our lives. A pre-requisite for advancement in and integration of the benefits of a conscious Yoga practice is the willingness to look inside in an engaged, active and responsive manner. To free ourselves from the grip of the imbalances and disturbances that robs us of physical health a…Read More

  4. Change Your Brain, Change your Body & Change Your Life– A Mini Posture and Somatic Exploration Immersion Retreat

    Change Your Brain, Change your Body & Change Your Life-- A Mini Posture and Somatic Exploration Immersion Retreat Online via Zoom Meeting Thursday July 2nd, Friday July 5th, Sunday July 5th and Monday, July 6th From 9:00am-10:15am. Fee:$42.00. Please email me at: alan@creativeedgeyoga.com or call me at 203.488.1700 to register, arrange payment and get the Zoom link to the series. The path towa…Read More

  5. Getting Back On Track as We Reopen: 10 Tips Tips to Maintain Wellness During This Strange Time

    Tips to Maintain Wellness During This Strange Time Every transition can present opportunities for our growth. This is especially true when what we are going through changes so much of how understand what it means to be truly well, and the risks associated with neglect of ourself and our responsibility in our self-care. Re-establishing a baseline of optimal wellness, is so important at any age. Aft…Read More

  6. Move, Meditate and 8 Other Tips to Manage Corona Stress 

    These are stressful times, full of anxiety for everyone and loneliness for many. The challenges can be more difficult for mature people, who know they are at a higher risk for coronavirus and who already face physical challenges and, too often, social isolation. Almost a third of older Americans live alone. Before the coronavirus outbreak, 43 percent reported feeling lonely on a regular basis.Rela…Read More

  7. Yoga, Witness Consciousness And Wise Perspectives In Difficult Times

    As practitioners of Yoga, meditation and self care practices we have many unique and powerful tools and an approach to facing this Corona virus crisis that can be of great support to us our loved ones and the world. Because of this I am certain we all can be an example to others, by word and actions, in how to face these challenges in a more [**centered and graceful**](https://www.creativeedgeyoga…Read More

  8. Breathe, Move and Relax To Be Your Most Resilient

    According to the CDC ,a good deal of COVID-19 Corona Virus' impact is targeted to our respiratory system. In addition to all we need to do to keep ourselves and our environment as clear and free from the infectious agent as we can, our own first line of defense is a health respiratory and immune system. As promised I have created a video to help you all address stress and breathing through movemen…Read More

  9. On The Path Toward Pain Free Living—Upcoming Pain Free Posture Workshop and Somatic Movement Series

    At this time of year winter can have taken its toll as cabin fever can be at its peak This leaves us awaiting the coming of Spring and getting back to the outdoors and the activities we love. Getting ourselves ready and able to enjoy our lives with greater comfort and ease can be more important and challenging as each year passes. Often, it is not the years that have passed but  a lack of proper …Read More

  10. Wise and Conscious Living

    Wise and Conscious Living---Evolving In Our Yoga And Self Care for Resilience and Well-Being At Every Age Scientific theories about how we age nearly all accept, without question, the doctrine of youth’s perfection. They focus on decline and pay little heed to the steady emergence of new gifts and capacities in later years. — Dr. Bill Thomas, author(1) Understanding is power! Over the last se…Read More