Taking a New Stance on Your Fitness and Health

The early February Posture and Pain workshop was postponed due to the snowstorm. I am rescheduling theAlign your Posture Ease Your Pain workshop for Saturday, April 13th.

If you or someone you love are trapped in a cycle of pain and limitation this workshop may help.I do this work because I have found in many cases the missing piece to the recovery process is often addressing how the body stands and moves as a whole.

My tagline to the workshop this time is “Your new stance against chronic pain”. So often we can feel helpless and frustrated victim when our body generates pain, limitations, or other issues that distress, mystify us or threaten our health and well being on a fundamental level. Here I intend to support and guide you to go deeper to enter to path of understanding your body and yourselves in order to take hold of the situation and begin to move toward recovery. I believe this new stance is simple and accessible, one of authentic responsibility and empowerment as we collaborate to help you regain control of your movement life.