“Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than fear, everything shifts.” Bessel A. van er kolk Strongwithpurpose.com 

As someone who helps those who struggle with pain and movement problems the statement above is a good touchstone that reminds me of the miracle of the the body and self and often opens up a  clearer route to overcoming obstacles to fining solutions for those with whom I work.

If you are dealing with back pain, neck pain, degenerative conditions, headaches vertigo, carpel tunnel and other challenging problems that persist despite your efforts to resolve them through traditional symptomatic approaches,  it may be that  this new, non-medical way of seeing these problems can lead to a more effective an lasting solution.
Posture Alignment focused therapy recognizes the limitation of symptom based solutions and begins with a simple and specific way of looking at the whole body and how things should be when we are moving most optimally and symptom free.  Seeing how the body is designed offers perspective on how the alignment and movement problems are impacting your life so you can begin to improve and correct it. Except in cases of birth defects or traumatic injuries, the skeleton is designed very simply.

When the body is properly aligned without strain due to optimal musculoskeletal functioning, it is positioned like this:

The head is centered over level shoulders

The shoulders sit directly over level hips

The hips are firmly planted over symmetrical knees

The knees and ankles are aligned with feet pointed straight forward

From: “The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion by Pete Egoscue” (www.egoscue.com)                                                                                                                    

Egoscue calls this the 90 degree rule of function and it is a very succinct and powerful starting point to understand how to assess and treat musculoskeletal pain, balance and movement problems. When our body deviates in its overall alignment from the “90 degree Rule” it is likely there is musculoskeletal dysfunction and resulting compensations developing. In our posture based therapy method, discovering how these are related to the bodily pain symptoms we experience is key to resolving the root cause.
Chronic pain and other musculoskeletal problems are understood in this way:

  Dysfunction                                                                      Compensation

****Reduced or no proper motion       ————–    Increased stressful and/or Inappropriate                                                                                                  motion 

****Root cause of the Pain or Problem  ————    Increased stress on somewhere else in the  body  the body as the effect of the root cause     

 ***The compensation is very often       ———–      The presenting symptom(s)                                                 

 In other words, “the site of the pain is generally not the site of the problem.”

Chasing the pain or other symptoms without addressing the deeper cause can often lead to limited results and frustration in your search for a more pain free lifestyle. Posture based therapy is unique in the way it treats the body as a unit, assessing and treating the whole-body position(posture) and movement problems that are present to get at the root causes of challenging chronic musculoskeletal pain and other symptoms. I invite you to discover how regaining a more optimal way to be and move throughout your body can be the missing piece for so many in breaking the cycle of distress, pain and limitation.

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