Posture is not only about looking confident. It has to do with the health of your whole body. Many times, when a person has poor posture, it can result in pain and discomfort. There are many issues that present themselves when the body habitually moves in ways it wasn't designed . When we make it a habit of maintaining incorrect posture, over time, the body will compensate to make sure it can function. Postural therapy works to combat incorrect movement through corrective positions and movement patterns for the joints and spine to bring them into more optimized position and function. Many have found the therapeutic practices such as the postural approach taken at Creative Edge Yoga has helped re-establish proper joint comfort and function, as well as offer a functional balanc of stretching and strengthening to the muscles that support and move the spine in a more pain free, easy and powerful way.  “Pain Free” yoga classes and individualized Posture therapy are designed to help be a non-medical part of your plan to address issues of chronic back, hip neck and other joint and musculoskeltal pain problems and build upon these benefits to  help you to perform your best in your personal, athleic and  working lives. 

Typically, the body is aligned when the head is centered over the shoulders, the shoulders are over the hips, the knees are symmetrical and under the hips, and the ankles and knees are pointed straight forward and aligned. Anything outside of this, when standing still, will create compensation of the muscles and tendons. Proper posture in activities such as sitting is optimized for comfort when there are 90° angles at the hips and knees, keeping the head above the shoulders, the shoulders over the hips and the knees over the ankles. If sitting at a computer, the shoulders should be relaxed and the elbows at a 90° angle without undue stress to hold the position. The road to psotural imbalance may come from a host of factors. Posture can be negatively affected through sedentary or difficult lifestyle and habitual work activiies, physical and emotional trauma or chronic misalignment from childhood, adolescent development or as the effect of old injuries. In addition, weak muscles and inattentiveness to posture over time can cause posture issues as well.   These incorrect postures and movemnt patterns may be happening at work or during other activities and when allowed over time, can result in chronic pain and physical ailments.

Ergonomic solutions, brace and other exteranl support may all provide a band aid of sorts. However we believe that a plan that addresses the deeper core postural and muscular imbalnces with skillful functionally-based Yoga,  therapeutic exercise and movement practices can been the missing piece for so many who have been struggling with chronic pain, balance issuues and other stressful  movement problems.

 Postural therapy through Yoga and corrective movement practices such as those offfered here are designed to help to balance and strengthen you from inside out to support  proper posture and help to release eccessive tension throughout the body. Because it empowers you to learn ablout and take action on the root causes of musculoskeletal problems it can relieve the stress these problems can create in your life. Start taking yoga classes that focus on postural therapy or inquire about an individualized Posture Therapy program at Creative Edge Yoga and feel a difference.

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