The following short article is from my Winter Yoga Class annoncement. It is, as are so many of my posts, a simple invitation to remember to rmemeber our practice of self care on the way to wellness and peace. Our practice is what has the power to transform, moment by moment our days and our live.

The practices of Yoga and meditation are remarkable in how they can change the experience in our minds and body. These changes can be almost immediate and at times quite significantly the relieve distressing responses to things happening in our lives. Yet so often when I speak to people wrestling with stressful situations I will ask if they have taken some time to use a technique or practice to help them through the difficulty. Commonly I hear them tell me “I didn’t think of that”. Despite the multitude of techniques and practices available to us, any student of Yoga knows remembering to implement them is hard without some ground of habit and skill. I believe that is best achieved through ongoing and evolving practice of these arts. This growth in regular practice can help us use all the insights and gains we have received more spontaneously and effectively. Through regular practice we can better embody our yoga and meditation experiences and access them during the times in which they are needed.

This “practice” need not be some extradinary or extreme thing to bring into our lives. Yogis will tell us that the most powerful yoga practice you can do is the one you will do. Whether it is a five or ten minute calm sitting in the morning, a mindful walk at noon, a weekly Yoga experience or intense daily sadhana (spiritual practice), we are benefited from some sort of skillful manner of checking in with ourselves. As the mind clears, the body strengthens and our energy reserves are buoyed, the commitment to our own path to peace can deepen. It soon becomes not a question of whether, but just how and when we will one take this time to come home to ourselves. – See more at: