Acute and chronic msuculoskeletal pain can take the joy out our most cherished activities.For some it is a distressing inconvenience, for others pain symptoms can change lives, negatively impacting recreational impact mood,  relationships, job performance and ultimately  threaten livelihoods. Come discover how proper motion can be the potion to address the non-medical root causes of pain. Join others who have taken the first step on the path toward pain free living by stopping by the ongoing Saturday Yoga and Functional Movement Class.

When stymied in your efforts to regain a pain free life, the most  full and comprehensive way to address the challenge of chronic pain that I offer  is the individual Posture Therapy Program. In this one to one therapy program you will receive individualized postural assessments  that are the focal point in developing the home therapeutic exercise sequences. These sequences or menus consist of targeted  functional movement and stretches tailored to treat the body as a unit to help return more optimal balance and function.  Rebuilding  balance throughout the body in this way creates a clear path toward resolving the movement imbalances are the source of  pain. Each progressive menu will move you forward  toward the goals we develop to help you return to a pain free lifestyle and recover the activitis you love to do.  To learn more about Posture Therapy and how it can help you follow these links: How Posture Therapy Works and Is Pain a Problem? – See more at: