“Approach it and there is no beginning, follow it and there is no end. You can’t know, but you can be it, at ease in your own life.” Lao Tzu

For over 30 years I have felt blessed to have the wonderful practices of Yoga and meditation to support me on my life’s journey. For so much of that time I have been doubly blessed to be able to meet and work each day with like-minded people such as yourself that provide me inspiration on so many levels with the amazing transformations you are able to make in your lives.

12078-bg3This isn't always easy, of course. The path of growth is indeed a journey. If embraced with self-acceptance, patience and persistence it can be a joyous one; taking us from our initial goals and tentative resolve through many challenges and gains until our aims can be met and even exceeded. At times for many of us this process changes along the way and there are moments when the self  that brings struggle and doubt to the work falls away and we are the process itself. That may be, as the sage Lao Tzu states,  when we are it and we become at ease in our own life.

Therefore, this time of reflection that is the year’s end may be for many a chance to discover and make any adjustments you need to enhance your healing and happiness in this process. This can be a chance to help you live more aligned  with your present sense of yourself  even as you make the gains you see in your life..

So with this idea of change being a process and not and event, I encourage you add to your individual goal setting an overarching intention to ”resolve to evolve” in 2016.

Built into this is a reminder to yourself that you are embracing the journey toward becoming at ease with yourself and your life. It includes an implicit invitation to persist, adjust and expand upon all the joys and possibilities this involves.

Alan Franzi has been practicing as a yoga teacher, yoga and posture therapist in the New Haven, Woodbridge, Guilford and Madison areas of Connecticut for over 25 years.
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