Every year at this time there are resolutions to change, renewed burst of energetic goal setting and activity to achieve those goals and all too often disappointment as these attempts fall to the wayside. You may have already have bumped up against an obstacle or two already in your own endeavor to lose weight, get going looking for that new job or business opportunity or to get that steady Meditation or Yoga practice in your life. If so, it may be helpful to remind ourselves that obstacles are not the problem and overcoming them is inherent in nearly every worthwhile human endeavor.

As I have the privilege of seeing so many begin their journey in Yoga as their path toward growth and healing it seems to me that the key to success is persistence. With persistence toward heartfelt goals one can best assure no temporary setback is permanent and success is just around the corner. Looking for the type of Yoga or teacher to follow, and finding time for building healthful habits are not always easy for those with busy and complicated lives. In addition the very issues that prompt many to seek change through Yoga can creates resistances and other difficulties that that make it to move forward. Only with enlightened persistence can our obstacles educate become part of the process of achievement, a springboard to attaining all we are seeking to improve the quality of our lives.

Below are some suggestions that will help commitment to building a practice of Yoga in your live. A number of these are general enough to be translated to other disciplines or positive habits that you may wish to add to your life.

Some suggestions to sustain a Yoga or meditation practice in your life include:

1.Decide to do it—commit by affirming the direct benefits Yoga has for yourself enumerating the indirect ways those benefits also impact those in your life—better health and mood, less stress, more overall energy, etc.

2.Set short term and longer term practice goals that address what you want to get from Yoga. Let yourself be surprised and pleased if you get more good stuff than what you planned!

3.Yogis have stated “The best and most powerful Yoga practice is the one that you will actually do.” so balance determination with compassionate acceptance of your present situation. Don’t over promise (length of time, frequency, etc) and set yourself up for failure, don’t underestimate your capacities and limit the benefits you can attain.

4.Create a spot for yourself in your living space to practice and set consistent times to practice as best you can.  Acquire appropriate “tools of the trade”—mats, blocks, music, etc. that make the space comfortable and pleasant to be in.

5.Keep inspired—read books, use videos and tapes to support practice, bring new ideas and re-invigorate your practice.

6.Find a class; go to workshops, retreats, etc alone or with friends. The phrase “community over willpower” asserts that group energy can be reinforcing and fun in any endeavor. It can get you started and keep you going.

7.Honor and communicate difficulties and resistances with a teacher or fellow student worthy of trust, every question or issue that comes up can be resolved. Often resistance undermines us at significant points of our unfolding and provide opportunities for healing to happen as they are resolved.

8.Stay with it—when your enthusiasm wanes go back to step one and re calibrate your efforts and commitment to your present circumstance.

Good luck to you this year and I hope that Yoga can be your foundation to give you the energy, health and peace of mind to enjoy your journey.


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