Many Yogis and meditators view what we call stress to be the accumulation of tensions held in the body and mind. It is endemic to being human that our busy lifestyles or other issues may keep us from staying present and processing our experience as it arises. The result is a buildup of tensions and stress that more and more health experts are coming to agree have a direct negative impact on our long term health and well being.

To find way to check in with ourselves consistently and addressing this issue can be a powerful intention of any meditation practice.

One such skillful manner of checking in with oneself is given by 1970’s meditation master and Yogi, RP Kaushick. In his very simple meditation primer, Light of Exploration: Talks on Meditation, San Francisco, 1975 , Dr. Kaushick  outlines a very simple way to relate to thought and move into silence through meditation.

*** Dr Kaushick’s  describes his variation as follows:

He suggests finding a quiet and safe place to practice so you can bring attention to yourself and respond to anything that may arise .

Begin by sitting up meditation position, allow the spine to be elongated and upright to stay alert in the posture. Almost immediately the mind will continue with its stream of thinking. As you awaken to this begin to explore the origin of a single thought. As you do so the space between thoughts will grow longer and deeper. As this process is complete and a stream of thought begins again, repeat the process. Soon the space between thoughts will grow and you will be able to abide in a deeply renewing silence for longer periods of time. Time itself will cease to exist as you enter this healing “timeless” silence more readily.

Such is the effectiveness of the technique that  Dr. Kaushik recommends complimenting this practice, best done in the AM, with an evening meditative review of the events of the day from waking until sleep. This will sustain and strengthen the practical faculties of mind such as memory and linear thought for your functioning in the day to day world.

***This is presented to be informative and educational material. Please read the site disclaimer and do not consider this a substitute for any medical or psychiatric treatment and is responsibly practiced with appropriate guidance from a teacher and with clearance from your doctor.