I am writing this post from Omega Institute in the Catskills, fresh off an exciting workshop training and enjoying this brilliant Fall weekend. The workshop was a terrific opportunity to bring more depth and breadth to my present work. There were so many interesting ideas about how to expand upon my present repetoire. I leave with a strong intention to integrate what I learned into creating more helpful tools for you all to progress in your practice.

One thing that was apparent early on this weekend was how exciting it was that so many more folks coming here were from more “mainstream” professional fields than when I began my own personal journey almost 35 years ago. It brought to light to me the realization that even at home I am aware that fewer people furrow their brows in skepticism and disbelief when I tell them what I do. Seeing so many practitioners here who have so much responsibility for the course of our system of health care indicates a hopeful shift that I believe bodes well for us as a society. I so excited about the momentum holistic and alternative practices are gaining. Perhaps we are progressing positively in the battle to bring back some innate trust in ourselves to participate in and be the architect of our work toward health and wellness.

With all the very real and incredible advances in modern science and medicine there can come an illusion that we can fix dis-ease processes as easily as these advances are allowing us to tackle the symptoms they present. Seeing all these participants in  the workshops presented here gives me hope that a deeper understanding is  burning through as least some of this limited view. The movement toward integrating alternative and traditional allopathic medical approaches to our well being  may be the one path we can take as a individuals that most profoundly and positively impacts the problems of our present healthcare system. I believe this paradigm shift is the Health Care Reform that we need to see.