In the pure light of awareness, our little fears and illusions and limitations dissolve, and we realize that life is not confined to the body, that consciousness is infinite. We are infinite. We can taste the timeless peace and bliss that isn’t dependent on the condition of our body or the world.  From the Transcendence website  (no longer online, it seems()1)

“Everything is Aware Process” Fritz Pearls, founder of Gestalt Psychotherapy(2) 

Over the years our work has come from the premise that the operating definition of stress from the Yogic point of view is that stress in not in in any event or circumstance but is in “the resistance to what is”. Whatever the situation is in the moment, pleasurable or pleasurable, desired or not, our struggle with the facts and circumstances in any moment is what creates disturbances in ourselves that we often know as stress. This conflict within our body/mind can lead to a deeper sense of separation which Yoga sees as the root cause of our suffering.

In most if not all the authentic wellness practices, amazing transformations can occur because ultimately these practices involve activating the process of the three “A”’s of conscious change; Awareness, Acknowledgement and Adjustment.  Healing and other positive changes unfold as our work on ourselves helps us response to, rather than react from insights gained on work with ourselves.

Joseph Lepage, in his self-published Yoga Therapy Manual recounts some of the mechanisms by which an awareness driven
Yoga practice{and allied disciplines}can inform our self-care and stimulate healing below:

  1. Relieving stress created muscular tension by awareness and acknowledgement of the role of stress in creating discomfort and pain within. This is accentuated in Yoga posture and aware somatic movement as deeper stress patterns and buried physically stored tensions and emotions are brought to the light of awareness and toward the release of their hold on the body/mind.
  2. By including the full range of pleasure and pain to our awareness we skillfully acknowledge and resolve the patterns of resistance and fears that magnify pain and transform it to suffering.
  3. By allowing the release of the patterns of muscular or other types of pain that has remained in neuro-muscular memory after the original cause has gone
  4. Bringing an understanding of the physical, energetic and emotional patterns at the root of energetic blocks in the body/mind that can often be the precursors of physical and mental dis-ease.
  5. Open an array of resources that weren’t available before. Awareness can open us to and allow us to skillfully utilize the ultimate innate healing energy, Prana. According to eastern thought working with energy is as important as working with its physical counterpart in the body to resolve disease, create and sustain true wellness
  6. According to Yoga, awareness is intelligence and therefore infinite and not subject to the physical laws of entropy and aging. Therefore, healing and transformation that may seem miraculous is possible and attainable through application of the principles and practices of higher consciousness.
  7.   Restore the peace that comes from living simply in the “now” as the fantasies, ruminations and memory of past and future events take a back seat to the direct experience of the moment. (2)

Skillful self-care and growth practices are awareness focused for all the reasons listed above. At their most effective they help us access our own inner intelligence and wisdom. This in turn fosters life supporting awareness-based insights and actions that support relief in the moment and ongoing wholeness(healing).  All of this to help more fully experience and enjoy life.

1.) The Healing Power of Awareness,  the Transcendence website, no longer online, it seems.

2.) “Everything Is Aware Process” by Perls, Frederick SAquarian Productions;

3.)  adapted from Integrative Yoga Therapy Manual by Joseph Lepage, self-published, 1994