Global Yoga Therapy Day

Align Your Posture—–Ease Your Pain
Experience the Role of Yoga Therapy in Understanding and
Healing of the root causes of Chronic Pain, Balance and Movement Challenges

Wednesday August 14, 2019
12:00-1:00PM Complimentary Talk and Demonstrations
1:00-2:00PM Q&A and Complimentary Posture Assessment
Space is limited: for information or to register contact Alan at: 203.488.1700 or at

In celebration of Global Yoga Therapy Day, this introductory workshop will bring awareness to the ways a Posture/whole self approach to Yoga Therapy may offer the missing part of the solution to resolve the mystery of chronic musculoskeletal pain, address balance and movement challenges.

Join Alan Franzi here at the Shoreline Center for a complimentary lunchtime talk to  learn how the therapeutic application of Yoga practices has evolved as a compliment to traditional medicine, offering powerful Holistic solutions to many of the Health and Wellness challenges we face.

****Discover how the perspective of Yoga Therapy can offer insight on how the symptoms of chronic pain, physical stress, balance challenges and movement limitation may all indicate a lost connection with the most optimal postural alignment and ways to move in our bodies.

****Learn how common conditions, often attributed to aging and other causes, such as Repetitive Stress injury, Back pain, Tennis elbow, Bursitis, arthritis, low energy, dizziness, may all have postural misalignment and movement imbalances as their root cause.

****Take this opportunity to utilize these new understandings about how this approach to Yoga can help you step confidently onto your journey toward a healthier and more active lifestyle at any age.

You can wear loose comfortable clothing to participate in optional simple movement demonstrations that will shed light on your posture and how to begin the process of healthful change.

Alan Franzi, MS, C-IAYT, PAS
has over 25 years’ experience as a Yoga instructor, Yoga Therapist and Movement Therapy practitioner. He is passionate about helping his clients discover and resolve the deeper postural and movement imbalances at the root of non-medical musculoskeletal pain, balance and movement problems.  His work employs the therapeutic application of Yoga posture, mindfulness and breathwork as well as allied postural and movement therapy techniques to help his clients shed undue limitation and progress on their journey back to wellness and the lifestyle they desire.