As practitioners of Yoga, meditation and self care practices we have many unique and powerful tools and an approach to facing this Corona virus crisis that can be of great support to us our loved ones and the world. Because of this I am certain we all can be an example to others, by word and actions, in how to face these challenges in a more [**centered and graceful**]( and efficacious way.
Coming from this mindset we can lead the way through cultivating increased understanding and avoiding the tendency to react through fear or denial.
Though in no ways does this exempt us from the ups and downs we may experience; our work on ourselves at this time may allow us to create enough perspective to find our center more readily amidst these challenges.

Keeping the very powerful tools of Yoga, Meditation, and self care techniques along with the healthy habits developed through these practices in our lives may allow us look at this from a higher perspective that can afford us solutions that are unimaginable when we are bound by fear. Yogis and sages call this witness consciousness and it can allow us moments of healthy detachment and perspective from which to take action.

Doing what we can to mitigate the impact of inner stress that narrows our vision, dampens inner strength and resilience is at the foundation of creating the most healthy and creative response to this crisis.

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