1. Getting Back Your Yoga Mojo

    As we do get back to life as usual at this time of year the transition can be the hardest part. This includes re-setting goals and intentions for our self-care.  The great thing about Yoga is it can be the one place you can go for your physical health and overall wellness goals. Whether it is to reclaim some tone and flexibility, shed a few pounds or address the negative effects on stress on y…Read More

  2. Getting the Peace You Seek in Yoga-5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Savasana Pose

    A number of Yoga students who are beginning to create a Yoga practice at home do so with some time constraints,often wedging in some stretches and basic Yoga postures as best they are able within a lifestyle hasn't yet made space for their new passion. Often with this constraint one casualty in creating a complete home practice is that the time spent in final relaxation pose(Savasana) is reduced …Read More

  3. Pain Free at Play—The Way of Posture and Function Back to the Games You Love

    Summer is time of year those of us of the New Haven and Connecticut shoreline area have the most opportunity to relax and enjoy our favorite games and activities. Family picnics, weekend golf or company softball games, rousing games of basketball or tennis, hiking, and all other sorts of activities are for so many of us a way recreation and relaxation. We are re-created by bringing all m…Read More

  4. Mindfulness in Motion – A Simple Walking Meditation

    As Spring begins and we seek some more outdoor activity there is no need to sacrifice the benefits of meditation. Cultivating mindful awareness is at the crux of our Yoga and meditation practices. Bringing this to our other activities such as walking can be a powerful way to add power and feel peace growing in each step along the way.Here is a simple walking meditation to support ongoing presence,…Read More

  5. Loving Your Limits to Transform Them the Easy(er) Way

    “Your skill in yoga has little to do with your degree of flexibility or where your edges happen to be. Rather, it is a function of how sensitively you play your edges, no matter where they are….The practice becomes one of be relaxed and willing at your deeper edges; and this isn’t necessarily easy.” Erich Schiffman For some people starting new things seems to be a breeze.  It appears that…Read More

  6. Meditation 101 – Meditating in the Real World

    “Meditation, it’s not what you think.” “Don’t just do something, sit there! The two quotes above are “oldies but goodies” phrases  to highlight the practice of meditation and hint at how it may add a well-needed new perspective to our lives. When so many of us are setting up our New Year resolutions,  it may be Yoga and meditation can be part of this process supporting you in ga…Read More