Beginning on Friday,  January 25,  and Monday, January 28, 2019, I am offering 2 unique four sessions programs to help you take the Yoga for Back Painnext steps in your journey back to a Pain-Free lifestyle and optimal movement performance at the JCC in Woodbridge.

Getting caught in patterns of physical stress, discomfort or limitation, experiencing on and off again bodily pain or fatigue can be a sign of a lost connection with the most optimal way to be in our bodies. Discovering your way to recover these deeper connections with can lead to more lasting results and make all the difference in allowing you to overcome obstacles and attain your health and fitness goals.

Yoga for Back Pain

Pain-Free Plus
An introduction to a neuro-movement based somatic education This approach to healing movement is designed to access and transform the movement habits we have built over a lifetime to allow for new and healthful patterns to be developed in the way the body learns most effectively. It can is a deep and profound way to accelerate and enhance all you are doing to improve your comfort, ease, and balance in your body to get back to the life you love.
Begins on Monday 1/28 and runs for 4 weeks through 2/25/19(no class on 2/18).

Pain-Free Plus–Somatic Exploration for Movement Mastery– A deeper exploration and release of the deeper limiting patterns of movement to uncover and recover optimal ease, power, and performance in all your activities. Explore and work through performance plateaus to help bring higher level day to day functioning and well being as well transform your skills and enjoyment of your athletics and artistic endeavors.
 Begins on Friday 2/25 and runs 4 consecutive weeks through 2/15/19.

Click here for the details on these unique and powerful programs. Contact Alan via email at or by phone at 203.980.8853. for more information or to register.