3/4/21 update:

At this time the vaccine distribution is progressing  and over the next 2 months we are planning to bring classes back in-studio while being streamed online simultaneously.  We will keep you informed of when and how this will happen. We will do this with without disrupting or interrupting the present online classes.

We offer in-studio private therapy sessions for those who need them with the requisite safety measure in place. Virtual therapy sessions are still the preferred option for most, especially those in high risk categories as described below.

Click here for the present schedule of online Yoga and Movement classes that are now held online via Zoom.

Click here and scroll down for more specific information on the official policies and procedures for specific industries.

The Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health building owner has been in the process of establishing daily cleaning cleaning protocols, making hand sanitizers available in common areas re-organizing the common areas to sustain social distancing.

Before coming to any class or session please self check your health condition. In particular, please check yourself for any signs of the Covid-19 infection, like fever, chills, dry cough, loss of sense of taste, respiratory problems etc. If you are in doubt about your state of health, please consult your doctor. I will do the same.

For our individual sessions:
as we open up our  group classes they will be the general policies.

  1. Clients and students to call or text me from the parking lot as they arrive to asked to be let into the building to avoid congregating in the common areas.  Text or call me from the from outside upon arrival.  I will give the ok to enter the building.
  2. In the classroom/studio area I will organize and clean the space before and after the session.
  3. We will work with six foot distancing as per Public Health requirements for those who are wearing masks
    one person will enter the classroom at a time.
  4. You are asked to bring your own mask, mat and props to use in the session/classes.
  5. Once classes are able to begin again the space will be partitioned to  50 percent capacity and six foot spacing between students. This will limit attendance in-person to 4-5 people depending on the nature of the class. All classes will be simulcast on Zoom.
  6. Online sessions and classes are available and recommended for many to keep us all safe, particularly those over 65 years old and with health complications that impact your immune systems ability to combat Covid 19.

General safeguards given by the State DPH are:

• Capacity limit of 50% for most businesses that reopen.

• Strict cleaning and disinfection protocols in all settings.

• Those who can work from home should continue to do so.

• Those in high-risk groups (comorbidities) and over the age of 65 should continue to stay safe and stay home.

• Facemasks should continue to be worn in public at all times.

• Social gatherings will be restricted in accordance to the Governor’s executive order.

list is our starting point in expanding the services we are offering and continuing to support the safety and wellness of all.