shutterstock_316587977It is common for people to come to my classes or consult with me privately about a physical pain or diagnosis they may have received. Usually, it is validated by X-Rays, MRI’s and other compelling diagnostic evidence. In the absence of a true medical disease, I have often found over the years that these problems are often the effect of musculoskeletal imbalance and resulting postural misalignment. Posture oriented therapists such as me have a phrase for this we borrow from the therapist and author of “Pain Free”, Pete Egoscue which insists “ It’s the position (posture), not the condition” of our bodies that is so often at the root of this type of problem.

Bursitis, arthritis, low back pain, spinal disk or hip issues that include degenerative conditions can present themselves when the body habitually moves in ways it is not designed. All this can happen due to injury, lifestyle and a host of other causes.