Is Pain A Problem?


Postural Therapy As Your Path Toward A Life Of Free And Easy Movement

Are you struggling with difficult bodily problems such as back pain, sciatica, shoulder or neck pain, tennis elbow, hip pain, carpel tunnel and other repetitive stress issues? Do balance issues, vertigo, headaches, or overall achiness or difficulty with movement limit you and rob enjoyment from in your life? For so many of us, a good deal of the daily aches pains and the more chronic issues of physical pain and imbalance may well have postural misalignment as a root cause.

If you have found yourself frustrated and confused by difficult and persistent problems with the effects of physical imbalances and pain, this specialized Posture Therapy approach addresses very specifically the posture and movement patterns that can lead to these problems. I offer a unique and powerful program to help you once and for all to begin to address the root physical imbalances throughout your body that that may impair your ability to live the happy and vital life that is our birthright.

The posture alignment therapy that I offer is a non-medical therapeutic process which involves a series of stretches and gentle functionally-based exercises designed specifically for each client. Based on the paradigm developed by Pete Egoscue over 40 years ago, the therapy is simple, accessible, and powerful. It is not a quick fix, but instead a comprehensive program designed to work with the deeper causes of musculoskeletal pain – without drugs, surgery or manipulation.

Movement That Heals

The key to the body’s well-being is using proper motion in our lives. From birth, healthful movement not only develops us but helps sustain us and keep us vital and active. We all share a similar musculoskeletal design which is not complicated or fragile. Despite this fact, over time, the body’s ability to hold proper alignment decrease may due to injury, repetitive stress, prolonged sitting and a host of other causes. The restricted movement and imbalance that results can place increased pressure on the muscles and joints, leaving them vulnerable to pain and limitation. Restoring proper balance and movement to your body is the road back to pain-free living. Posture alignment therapy works by bringing movement in accordance with that design back to your life. This, in turn, can help recover the ability to run, jump, climb, dance, work and play without fear of pain or limitation.

The Body As A Unit

As structural or postural muscles become dysfunctional, the whole skeletal system is affected, subjected to undue stress and abnormal wear. For example, hip and pelvic movement patterns may become altered and these changes are experienced throughout the body. If the back curves, the whole body begins to compensate for the misalignment. Postural therapy is unique because it progressively treats the whole body as a unit to restore improved standing posture and efficient and healthful movement patterns. It is designed to address and help resolve both the root dysfunction as well as the compensation patterns that have come into the body over time.

The Therapy Process

This therapy program is client-centered and based on the individual posture and movement analysis developed in the therapy sessions. Formulated on these findings, and in collaboration with the client, a therapy plan is developed. This includes specific prescriptions of and instruction in systematic sequences or ”menus” of exercises. The “menu” consists of simple yoga and therapeutic exercises sequenced to restore more proper alignment and balance to the body. These exercises are easy to learn and tailored to the client's capabilities and goals. Although everyone's experience and results may be different, the aim remains to encourage greater balance and alignment to unfolds over time so the body may move toward optimal well-being and a pain-free life via its innate healing capabilities.

***For more information on the postural approach to your pain or movement problems I invite you You can also click here for a pdf of my brochure. For more information, you can also explore the How Posture Therapy Works page here.

With this approach of treating the body as a unit and the self as a whole we can work together to formulate powerful ways to help resolve challenging balance and movement issues, chronic pain problems as well as enhance physical and athletic performance.

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