Yoga has grown in popularity over the years and this is no accident. From within this rich discipline it is possible find the teacher and situation to address an amazing array of fitness and wellness goals.

In many cases, many find that private instruction and a more therapeutic approach allows them to best fit their lives their particular goals in Yoga. Unlike the basic classes, individualized Yoga Therapy sessions are a one on one experience with an Instructor/Therapist that can tailor the techniques practices of Yoga, Meditation and related disciplines to specific needs and personal goals. Students can gain many benefits from individual work, enhancing the basic improvements to mental and physical health Yoga provides so many in a group situation with more targeted fitness, therapeutic or healing benefits.

It is more and more apparent that lifestyle is a factor in many issues we have historically attributed to age or genetics. Western medicine is coming to realize that the cumulative effects of stress causes a multitude of health problems. There is a growing body of research available that is confirming that yoga techniques are powerful tools to support stress reduction, reducing physical pain problems, and help as part of a program to alleviate anxiety and mood issues.

These practices can support real physical benefits for many, including lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular efficiency, reduced gastrointestinal upset. Yoga can help you achieve improvements in your dexterity and balance. This can be a huge benefit for athletes looking to improve their game and everyone seeking to remain active and vital throughout their life. The therapeutic approach is a powerful way to assure the best use of Yoga and its allied practices in service of your specific goals.

Yoga Therapy is a non-medical approach that is increasingly embraced by many facets of modern medicine as a compliment to exiting responsible medical care. In any work I do to support resolving health concerns my work I look to work with your healthcare provider. This complimentary approach can best support your movement beyond dis-ease into greater overall health and wellness.

The Yoga Therapy work I offer in the Guilford, Madison, Branford and New Haven and Woodbridge Connecticut areas involves individual sessions that allow for this more targeted application of the techniques of Yoga and meditation than is possible in group class settings.