Class Spotlight: Miracles in Motion through Somatic Exploration

*“What makes a person old? Some people think it is the wrinkles, other say it is stodgy attitudes. But really the culprit is our habits. When we unlearn old habits and create new ones, we make our bodies and minds younger, stronger and more flexible.” Frank Wildman, CFD, PhD

One of the enduring delights of my teaching journey is the chance to weave the timeless wisdom of Yoga with the innovative and transformative techniques emerging from the abundant wellspring of contemporary healing practices and sharing this with all of you.

Our “Yoga Basics–Ageless Ease Through Somatic Exploration” class has evolved over in response to this process. This class, which you can attend either online or in person on Wednesday at 6:00 pm at the Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health in Guilford , is a unique blend of somatic neuro-muscular performance-enhancing movement developed from the clear understanding of how the body and mind work as an integrated whole..

Rather than focusing solely on traditional stretching and strengthening, this class incorporates transformative musculoskeletal re-training principles to enhance brain/body connections and influence how we move. Transforming how we move at this fundamental level can help you learn or improve efficiency, comfort, and performance in all our endeavors.

It features simple, progressive, and mindful movement routines designed to identify and release hidden bodily tension, thereby restoring the natural comfort and fluidity of movement that may have been lost due to these tensions.

By merging the ancient wisdom of Yoga with the cutting-edge concept of “neuroplasticity,” this somatic-infused mindful movement class encourages discovery, exploration, and self-accepting awareness.

Students often find that this approach liberates their bodies from tension and limitation in unique and powerful ways and enriches their lives beyond the mat.

Because it is aimed at rectifying bodily imbalances and restoring healthy foundations, it can be a safer and more effective way to alleviate physical pain and dissolve bodily tension caused by chronic mental stress, compared to more athletic approaches to Yoga and movement.

Over time, this practice can free you from limiting, stressful, and challenging patterns of body and mind, enhancing your current Yoga practice, boosting athletic and artistic performance, and empowering you to live your best life at any age.