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Summer 2024 Guilford CT Yoga and Movement Class Series

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Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health and/or online via Zoom; see below for Hybrid or online options)

35 Boston St, Guilford

The early Summer 2024 Class series is underway and will run for eight weeks through Monday, July 27, 2024. A holiday hiatus will be from Tuesday, July 2nd, through Monday, July 8th.

Fees for the Sunday – Wednesday class series: Join anytime!

  • $16.00 for one class per week pro-rated for the 8-week Sunday through Wednesday class series
  • $25.00 pro-rated per week for unlimited Sunday - Wednesday classes for the 8-week series.
  • $19.00 per class drop-in.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page or Click here for information and how to join the special Saturday 9:30 am "Yoga & Functional Movement for Posture Alignment, Pain Relief & Stress Management Class series".

    You can pre-pay by using Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo and follow the prompts.

    For Venmo, my username is @creativeedgeyoga. For Paypal, my username to pay is . You should see my name, maybe my photo, so you will know it is me. A transaction fee may be involved.

    if you wish to make other arrangements(cash check or credit card), to register, or for help with any questions you have, please get in touch with us via email at by phone at (203)488-1700 to or via email

    • Morning Series
    • Evening Series
    • Yoga and Functional Movement for Posture Alignment, Pain Relief and Stress Management

    Morning Yoga Series

    Sunday Mornings, May 26-July 21, 2024 (8 weeks), no classes from 7/2-7/8/24( online via Zoom)

    Yoga Basics: Serenity, Stress Relief, and Wellness through Somatic Exploration 9:00 - 10:15 am (all levels of experience, gentle-moderate challenge). Beginners and advanced students alike can enjoy this unique Yoga experience designed to help de-stress and energize. Enjoy the power and peace inherent in this integrated approach to mindful movement, classical Yoga posture, breath work, and meditation. Support the release of stress and develop calm as you build flexibility and tone.

    Learn how gentle actions can have big results, helping with the release of physical and energetic blockages that lead to stress and fatigue. As these seeds of distress are dissolved, we bring the possibilities of unfolding balance, wellness, and inner peace.

    Wednesday Mornings, May 22-July 17, 2024 (8 weeks) no classes from 72-7/8/24(Hybrid in-studio and online via Zoom)

    Yoga Basics: Relax and Renew 9:30-10 45 am (all levels of experience, gentle-moderate challenge)

    Take a mid-morning break to enjoy a balanced, Mindful Yoga and movement experience designed to support you throughout your day! Learn and expand upon this unique presentation of Yoga and additional awareness and movement practices designed to restore comfort and ease in movement to help you renew your body, mind, and spirit.

    Based upon a deep understanding of the layers and levels of bodily movement, alignment, and function, attention is given to inner and outer physical strength, flexibility, and overall balance. Meditation, awareness, and mindful attention to breath to help bring deep stress release and calm.

    Take this invitation to transform all of your life as you integrate this simple, potent, and profound time spent moving, breathing, and being more peaceful in each moment.

    Evening Yoga Series

    Monday Evenings May 27-July 22, 2024 (8 weeks) no classes from 7/2-7/8/24(Hybrid in-studio and online via Zoom)

    Yoga Beyond the Basics: Yoga Mastery through Somatic Exploration 7:15-8:30 pm *Moderate challenge, some experience recommended)

    Bring the possibilities of greater mental ease, movement power, and greater bodily comfort and ease at any age.

    Develop greater insight into the body/mind connection and utilize this to explore new avenues for getting the most out of Yoga and meditation. Break through the plateaus in your yoga practice as you stimulate deeper healing energies and integrate the profound benefits of yoga.

    Taking your Yoga to the next level doesn't need to mean more difficult physical demand, especially if the essence and depth of practice is compromised. This class integrates elements of present-day Somatic Movement Education practices, mindful movement, and traditional Yoga practices to enhance and accelerate the possibilities of growth and transformation..

    Tuesday Evenings May 21-July 16, 2024 (8 weeks) no classes from 7/2-7/8/24(Hybrid in-studio and online via Zoom)

    Yoga Basics: Flexibility and Stress Relief 6:00- 7:15 pm (all levels of experience, gentle-moderate challenge)

    This unique presentation of classic yoga and additional somatic and mindful movement practices is designed to renew the body, mind, and spirit while restoring and building your body's flexibility, balance, and tone. This class will help relieve stress, soothe aches and pains, and support wellness, and balance in your life.

    Wednesday Evenings May 22-July 17, 2024 (8 weeks) no classes from 7/2-7/8/24(Hybrid in-studio and online via Zoom)

    *Yoga Basics: Ageless Ease Yoga Through Somatic Exploration: 6:00-7 15 pm (all levels of experience, gentle to moderate challenge)

    Another yoga class designed for all levels but with a deeper focus on restoring the foundation of healthy and pleasurable movement function at any age. This class is designed to help you uncover and release the root causes of pain and movement problems, regain pleasure and comfort in movement, support developing tone and flexibility, and address the effects of stress on the body and mind.

    Enjoy this unique integration of insight and practices from modern somatic movement modalities to build balance in Yoga and in your life off the Yoga mat.

    Special Saturday Morning "Pain Free Yoga and Posture Series"

    Yoga and Functional Movement for Posture Alignment, Pain Relief & Stress Management

    This special class/workshop series is a non-medical functional and postural approach of corrective exercise and movement designed to help you understand, address, and resolve the root cause of chronic pain, movement, and balance limitations. It uses functional yoga and more present-day somatic movement education practices to support your goals for a more active and pain-free life. Scroll down for more details.

    Summer 2024 series: Saturdays, June 29 - August 3, 2024

    • (“Hybrid”–In-Studio and Online)
    • 9:30 – 11:00 am
    • $102 for the 6 week series.
    • $22.00 drop in per class—- Join or drop in anytime!

    Please get in touch with us by phone at (203)488-1700 or by email at if you have acute or ongoing pain or injury concerns, any questions or any help you need to access the class.

    "Learn how repetitive stress injury, back pain, tennis elbow, bursitis, arthritis, low energy, dizziness, and a full array of other chronic conditions may all have musculoskeletal misalignment as their root cause. Acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain can take the joy out of our most cherished activities. For some, it is a distressing inconvenience; for others, pain symptoms can change lives, negatively impacting recreational activities, mood and stress levels, relationships, job performance, and ultimately threatening livelihoods. Come here to discover how proper motion can be the potion to address the non-medical root causes of pain. Join others who have taken the first step toward pain-free living.

    Enjoy this unique synthesis of the ancient practices of Yoga informed and inspired by a range of therapeutic related somatic neuromuscular movement disciplines and the postural paradigm of Pete Egoscue. This class is designed to help you:

    • Learn how and why postural misalignment is the cause of so much musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.
    • Enjoy simple, accessible, and pleasant functional Yoga and movement sequences designed to help you restore alignment balance and enhance awareness to support systematically eliminating the musculoskeletal dysfunctions at the root of chronic pain.
    • Improve overall movement strength, balance, and flexibility.
    • Enjoy relaxing meditation and imagery practices to support your road to awareness and healing.
    • Receive ongoing guidance and support to uncover obstacles that can arise on your journey toward wellness.
    • Come to understand that an active, meaningful life is possible throughout life.

    Join us today to take your first step toward pain-free living!

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