Getting Started

Getting started with online yoga and movement classes with zoom

"Four of our classes are held in-studio as they are being streamed online in the “Hybrid Class” model. They are indicated as such on our Yoga and Movement Class Schedule. These hybrid classes allow students to continue working out of the comfort of home or vacation hotspot😊 or getting back to in-person instruction.

Presently, the Tuesday 6pm and Wednesday 9:30 am and 6 pm Yoga Basics classes and the Saturday 9:30 am Yoga & Functional Movement for Posture Alignment classes are being done in this hybrid way.

For online attendance, set up your physical space in your home or remote location to make sure the area is clear of objects that can prevent safe movement in and out of poses, etc. Train the camera of your computer, tablet, or phone to the space you have set up. Some choose to keep the camera off during class for more privacy.

Basic props are optional and can include a Yoga mat, 1 (or 2) Yoga blocks or pillows, a belt or strap, and a blanket or cushion for seated meditation. Modifications in poses can be substituted for props in most cases.

*** If there are financial concerns, you prefer other options to participate , or wish to contact me for any reason please call me at 203.488.1700 or email me at so we can work together for a solution.