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What’s New With Our Yoga, Posture and Movement Classes

Click here for our Spring 2024 newsletter. with our winter class, Reflections on remaining adderessing movement in the upcoming Spring season. our Yoga and movement class schedules, and more.....

For more specialized help to resolve pain, balance, and movement challenges, our special ongoing "Pain-Free Yoga for Functional Movement, Posture Alignment, and Stress Relief" class continues on Saturdays at 9:30 am in-studio and is streamed online via Zoom. Click here now for information on how to begin your journey toward the possibility of a more Pain-Free lifestyle!

For help with more complex and persistent pain and movement challenges, we invite you to explore our personalized approach through our non-medical Yoga and Somatic Movement Therapy programs.

To learn more about our holistic path toward pain relief and improved balance and movement life click here and here.