Online Sessions


Online Sessions via Zoom, Facetime or other Video Streaming Platforms

If you live at a distance from our studio, need to stay at home for any reason or simply want the convenience of working from home, our online Posture and movement therapy sessions are a great way to enjoy the benefits of the Posture and Movement Therapy services we provide..

Online therapy is more accessible and more straightforward than it may seem to set up and reap the benefits of our powerful and effective posture and movement therapy programs from the comfort and convenience of your home.

We conduct the session as we would in-person using Zoom, FaceTime, or the video platform of your choice.

Individualized posture assessments, therapeutic movement, exercise protocol creation, and instruction are included. You will also have access to the same “take-home” video, audio, and printed instructions to guide you as you complete your home therapy program.

We can provide you a free set up time, either a short session or extra time before the scheduled session to help you set up your space and the software. This way you will be able to enjoy the full benefits from the start.

For more on the advantages of Online Therapy sessions and psoture and movment therapy for you please contact us here or at (203)488-1700.

Our free consultaton are desgnied to help you to understand you how your posture and movement pattern may be getting in the way of your activities and pain-free lifestyle. This can be an eye-opener as many have found brief conversation has helped them make sense of how this posturally based approach is so unique in the way it can address pain, balance and movement problems that have taken away activities or impaired them in living the life they desire.

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