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for over 25 Years


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Explore how individualized yoga therapy programs can help effectively employ the practices of yoga and meditation to help you progress toward health and wellness.

Discover how your daily aches, stiffness and soreness, debilitating chronic physical pain and imbalance problems may have postural misalignment as a root cause.

Alan Franzi, M.S., CYT, P.A.S, brings over 25 years experience teaching yoga, practicing in Yoga and Postural Therapy in the New Haven and Shoreline area.

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Alan Franzi, M.S., CYT, P.A.S,

has a passion for correcting posture through yoga therapy and postural therapy that will give you the skills to correct your posture for a lifetime. We have classes in many locations, including New Haven/Woodbridge and Shoreline area of Connecticut.

Looking for information and schedules for our community yoga classes in our studio, small group and corporate or work-site classes? We have it here.

Explore individualized therapies that allow us to directly target trouble areas to help you achieve your fitness, health & well-being goals. Join a class today!

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Relaxing Therapy

With advances in understanding the human body, it is more and more apparent that lifestyle is a factor in creating many issues that have historically been attributed to age or genetics. There is a growing body of research confirming the cumulative effects of stress causing a multitude of health problems and reducing the quality of our lives.

The practice of yoga has grown and moved toward a more central position in both alternative therapy and as a complement to mainstream therapy choices for those seeking solutions to a wide variety of personal challenges. We invite you to begin your yoga journey here. Discover how we can tailor the powerful practices of yoga and meditation to support your efforts to reduce stress and its effects, improve your physical fitness and well-being, and enhance life satisfaction and happiness.


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