Private & Small Group Sessions

Private Yoga Classes and Small Group Instruction

Whether a beginner or an advanced practitioner, private classes and small group instruction is a convenient and powerful way to best learn yoga or to hone your existing skills – with personal attention from your yoga instructor. Private yoga instruction affords the opportunity to comfortably address specific physical strengths and limitations and target specific goals most effectively. The convenience of private yoga sessions can help you to successfully weave the powerful practices of yoga into the fabric of your busy life.

Small group classes (of up to 6 people) are available to provide families and friends with similar goals in yoga and meditation with a comfortable and enjoyable group time to share the practice of yoga. The shared experience of this type of yoga class provides each participant with support that helps in the growth of everyone involved.

These private yoga sessions and private yoga classes are held in your homes, studio settings or other locations in Branford, Guilford, Madison and beyond, including but most certainly not limited to the Connecticut shoreline. I schedule these classes at times that are the most convenient and comfortable for all participants.

To find out if private yoga sessions and classes can help you in your yoga journey, please call Alan at 203-488-1700.