He’s helped me fix that…[postural problems], and it’s changed my life.

After years of running for fun and working a desk job, I found myself in my early 40’s having worn orthotics for 20 years, with increasing knee pain, increasing lower back pain, a persistent knot in the back of my neck, and tingling and occasional numbness in my fingers. Doctors wanted to do a knee replacement. Then I found Alan Franzi and the Egoscue based postural therapy he presented to me.

That was eight years ago. I don’t wear orthotics anymore. I’ve run a marathon and multiple half-marathons since. My knee pain is gone. My back pain is gone. The persistent knot in the back of my neck is gone, as is the numbness and tingling in my hands. And I never had that knee replacement.

What Alan was able to teach me about my own body by just observing me walk across the floor was amazing in itself. That he was then able to lay out a plan for me to fix the alignment issues that were the cause of my ailments was just short of miraculous. And all of those ailments stemmed from compensations that were a result of carrying my hips too far forward. He’s helped me fix that, and it’s changed my life. I had to put in the time, and I have to continue to do what’s necessary to keep myself in alignment. But I can’t say enough about what Alan and the Egoscue based postural therapy we did have done for me and others who I have referred to Alan.


Guy I from Guilford