My Balance and Posture Has Improved and I Feel Much Stronger.

I had wanted to take Yoga classes for a very long time.  Most classes that I tried were not for me.  They felt competitive, not enough guidance, too many people…..Alan is an excellent instructor, and is very careful that you work within your own capabilities, it’s not about the “best pose”.  I am in my 60’s and really love his somatic class on Sunday mornings.  He works on a lot of internal adjustments helping your skeletal and muscles remember how to work together.  My balance and posture has improved and I feel much stronger.
I started with his in person classes and then he switched to on-line classes since COVID.  It feels like a one on one class since the screen is set on Alan and it is easy for him to demonstrate.

He has many classes to choose from.  I am now taking two classes a week and am grateful for the structure.  If you tend to be shy or worried about injuring yourself, this is the perfect time to try a class on-line from the comfort of your own home.  Alan will take great care of you!

Branford, CT
DH, Branford