The last few years were proving to be those of challenge.  I have always been a
 very active person and loved to play tennis.  However, it was getting to be very frustrating as when tennis season came around, I was unable to play for some reason.  First, it was plantar fasciitis.  I got that resolved on my own and the frozen shoulder came along and I was out the season again.  The next one was knee pain.  I was facing another season of not being able to play, again!
I decided to talk with Alan to decide if there was anything he could do for me.   I was afraid they {the doctors} would have told me I needed to have a knee replacement.   I started Alan’s direction last June and am very glad I decided to take the plunge.  I have been following his exercise menus and am feeling better than ever.  I can do stairs, play tennis and generally move better than I have been able to in years.  I can see and feel my posture improving and I am actually standing taller and straighter.
I highly recommend Alan.  He is very dedicated and knowledgeable in his field.
Sandy T., Branford, Ct.